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    This is really starting to piss me off. You guys have a great project going on here, with lots of potentials, and you are pretty much killing it with your own hands.
    What i’m talking about here, is the amount of restrictions that has. No plugins, no file editing, no Adsense, no Analytics…
    Don’t get me wrong here, i love wordpress and love all what it stands for and that’s why i left blogger to come here. Hell, wordpress is one of the first application that made me fall in love with PHP/mysql.
    I understand the way you’re service works and the reasons why you’re not offering these services, but they’re no excuse, if you guys can offer people 3 GB worth of space, then you are pretty much able to have every blogger run his own copy. And have the resources to at least let people run their own services.
    Again, i’m saying this not because i hate WP, but because i like it and think that you have the ability and power to grow but you’re just taking too damn slow

    Concerned WordPress blogger



    How would you like to send that to staff, using the Support button on your Dashboard, rather than the volunteers in the forum.



    “This is really starting to piss me off”

    I can think of better ways to start a forum thread.



    One of the things the original post requests is that WordPress “at least let people run their own services.” WordPress offers precisely this. You can download WordPress from and run your own blog.
    Or, if by service, you mean a site where multiple people can blog, there’s WordPress Multi-User.
    I too wish that there were fewer restrictions at But there’s a lot more to WordPress than the .com service.



    You are getting free web hosting. That means you have to accept some restrictions.

    WordPress is fairly easy to install on your own server or hosting services. You will, however have to pay for the hosting (Unless you have a cousin with a server farm….).

    I find the occasional annoyances a fair trade off for free hosting, and relatively reliable up time.
    Your choice may be different.


    Maybe next time you read the fine print before signing the mortgage, eh?




    We don’t sit around scheming about which features we can withhold today. There are good reasons plugins aren’t supported. uses a distributed architecture. Any code that runs on a single blog has access to every other blog. A single buggy or malicious plugin would take down 2 million blogs in seconds. Javascript is a similar situation.

    We regularly release new features, and have many more on the way.

    WordPress is available for download if you’d like to run it yourself without those restrictions.

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