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  1. Had this problem before in trying to upload a youtube video by pasting its URL directly into my post. You had to assist in enabling the link to work, after I'd tried to follow your directions. Tried to do what you instructed, but clicking on the broken link icon again didn't work. Tried it a couple of times. Wondering if the more I do it, the more messed up it clogging up the system.

    thanks for your help...hugmamma.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I strongly advise using the youtube shortcode because it works every time for me. All one does is type the shortocode into a post or page using wither the visual editor or HTML editor and that's it.

  3. I just did exactly that...pasted the youtube video url directly into my post "a friend's advice" and the url appears, not the video. This is what happened before and support had to fix the link icon to get the video to appear on the post, not the url.


  4. What's the URL for the youtube video please? Post it here and I will provide the shortcode for you as it does work every time - no copying and pasting - typing only required.

  5. In your post do not click the media icon. Simply type this shortcode below into the post and regardless of which editor visual or HTML you are using it will appear when you click "save update" or "publish".

  6. Thought you might have found the solution. Did it as you instructed, without clicking on the media icon. But as you can see by my published post...only the url is visible, not the video. Probably have to instruct my readers to click on the url to view the video, or remove it altogether.


  7. It's working on my test blog where I had it up and running before I posted the shortcode for you. Did you use the exact shortocode I published with the square brackets and without adding any spaces or anything else to it?

  8. Resolved! I hadn't copied what you presented. Instead I copied the url at the top of the screen on which the youtube video was showing. Upon looking at it again I didn't see the brackets that were at the ends of the url you gave me. So I used yours instead. From where do I get the brackets for future youtube insertions?

    hugs for solving this problem...would love to know how to make this work so as not to be bothersome about this...hugmamma.

  9. Thanks for letting me know what you did. In the future simply follow these instructions knowing the square brackets and exact format are essential. Best wishes with your blog and do note that if you post other videos aside from youtubes that there are shortcodes for them as well here.

  10. Excuse the senior moment...but are you saying I should copy the code given in the instructions, substituting my youtube video's url for the one given in the WordPress example? As I type this, my brain is saying "exactamento."

    I seem to make things more difficult than they really are. I can't seem to read words, without trying to reinvent them into more complicated interpretations. God help me!

    or if he can' have...hugs!

  11. I am saying look at this format:

    Paste the URL on a line by itself in your post/page editor. Then create a shortcode using the format below. Be sure to replace the URL listed here with the URL of your video.

  12. In trying to re-enact the scenario with another "trial" post, both my husband and I couldn't duplicate what you'd done on my last post "the war...within." He tried every configuration for the last 45 minutes to an hour, and he's no slouch when it comes to technology. WordPress, maybe...but understanding how to do applications, he's pretty adept.

    As I indicated early on, the last time I had this problem, WordPress "happiness engineers" had to correct the link icon connection, which I may have to ask them to do again when they return on 1/2/12.

    I'll refrain from posting youtube videos until then, but appreciate your helping me post the last one.

    thanks lots!

  13. If you post the youtube URL I can provide the shortcode for you here. :)

  14. When you get a URL in the browser bar like

    all you need to do is post the

    [youtube=<br />]

    BUT just to make sure it works, cut off the & and everything that comes after it in the URL bar, so you end up with

    [youtube=<br />]

    and that works. Does that simplify it?

  15. I'm trying to post the following youtube URL into a post. I saved the draft, but still the video doesn't appear.



  16. Did you put it in the Visual editor or the HTML editor? You need to put it in the Visual editor.

  17. I never work in the HTML editor, only in the Visual.

  18. And how to post it? It's not working in the way raincoaster described.

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