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  1. Hi, I recently put up two different posts at two different times with two different youtube video links. Each link is different, I double checked. But the video I posted today is now showing up in the post I put up a week ago, it is showing up in place of the video that should be there. I recopied/pasted the links, double checked that they were different, but they're still showing up as the same video in both posts. How do I fix this??
    Blog url:

  2. It would help to have a very specific example to review. Can you please post back with the following:

    1. Link to where we can see the problem in action on your blog
    2. Link to the YouTube video you expect to see
    3. Link to the YouTube video you are actually seeing

  3. This happens when you use the URL of the video WITHIN a playlist. Just use the raw URL of the video itself. YouTube is playing games with its URLs lately.

  4. Ahh that fixed it! Thank you SO much!

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