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    Can someone explain to me why, when I am watching a youtube or another video feed off a website… it starts and stops continually… and when it ends… I can replay it without the constant and annoying stopping and starting? Is it my lack of enough memory, or do I have to change a setting on my computer, etc??? HELP!



    It’s more likely to be your download speed from the net.

    If you watch the youtube video progress bar there’s a faded red bar that runs across slowly. Thast tells you how much of the video is downloaded. There’s a second progress bar that shows how much you’ve watched. When the progress bar meets the downloaded bar it will stop until it’s downloaded a bit more.

    Hope this helps!

    Not really a support question though eh! ;)



    Thanks for your answer… not particularly a support question? Well I want to add youtube vids to my future posts and I was wondering if this intermittent viewing problem would affect doing so. Thanks for your answer anyway.



    No, it shouldn’t affect you adding them as it is just a piece of text that you put into the blog post.

    It *may* affect you viewing them though.

    I didn’t think it was related as you hadn’t stated your requirements for posting on the blog originally. Apologies.

    I hope I have answered your questions well though.




    For the record, the poster is on a Rogers Cable connection out of Canada. I know that they use proxies in some of their setups but I can’t make heads or tails out of this one.

    The starting and stopping is from where your computer has played through what’s been downloaded already from YouTube and is waiting for more to be downloaded before displaying what’s next. If you watch the red bar along the bottom of the YouTube player, you’ll actually see two different colored bars, one darked that the other. The darked one is what’s been downloaded so far. The lighter one is what’s been played. When they meet, the playing stops until the darked bar gets far enough ahead to give you some leeway.

    It’s really an issue with your ISP actually since it’s more of a bandwidth issue. Either that or pick a less busier time for your video watching. :)


    my youtube videos have disapeared from my site, advice anyone?



    oops! you’ve posted in two different threads on the same thing – check out the pink sticky at the head of the forum
    This happened earlier to other bloggers and was seemingly repaired. Best bet is to send in a feedback so staff know about this because it needs a back-end fix.

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