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YouTube Channel Theme

  1. kerrigansofgrayton

    Wondering if there are any good suggestions out there. I'd like to create a new blog that essentially consists of multiple youtube channels. Any good ideas? Not looking to post much text, but display youtube channels. Any help will be appreciated.

  2. Have you looked at the Themes Showcase and Live Demo site? There are search filters for features you can use to narrow down choices.

  3. You can't really embed YouTube channels in a WordPress.COM blog, so maybe you'd better re-think this. You may be better off with getting paid hosting and using YouTube.ORG software.

  4. @raincoaster
    channels - Great catch!

  5. kerrigansofgrayton

    My bad. I meant YouTube playlists. Thanks for the feedback so far.

  6. YouTube playlists can be embedded inot free hosted blogs by changing the code into a gigya shortcode > The gigya shortcode 3 – inserting Flash

    As for a theme please see what I said above. :)

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