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YouTube, DailyMotion and so on Plugin

  1. Hi, first I run my main weblog with WordPress (Self-Hosted Of Course..) but I got another hosted by cortesy of

    I wanna ask for the plugin that is working on for incrusting videos on posts (Ex: [youtube=] [dailymotion=] and so on), This plugin is available for using on my self hosted blog?

    I saw already Smart-youtube and youtube brackets but no one is like the one used in

    Any advice?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Self hosted installs of free software downloaded from http://wordpress.ORG do have plugins.

    Free hosted wordpress. COM blogs do NOT have plugins. There is no FTP access to wordpress.COM blogs.

    To comprehend the differences between the two please read these entries

    There are also two separate support forums and you must post to the correct forum to get the correct answer for the software you are using. Support provided ONLY for wordpress.COM blogs
    http://wordpress.ORG/support Support provided ONLY for self hosted wordpress.ORG software

    This is the link to wordpress. COM support documentation. You may wish to bookmark it for future use when looking for answers to questions pertaining to your wordpres.COM blog

  3. Volunteers in the forum don't have that kind of information. You can contact staff and ask, although since you can embed far more kinds of video on an independently-hosted blog, I don't know why you'd need it.

  4. I also need this function in my hosted wordpress... I am planning to move and redirect my wordpress including all posts. I used the same shortcodes to place the video's on my blog, changing this all back is to many work...

    I would like to use all off these shortcodes ( in my hosted wordpress... It is very frustrated on this way...

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