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    Not knowing how to query previous questions I am posting this again.

    I cannot write YouTube embeds to preferred width and height. Last time I was directed to an internal URL;…

    Since I script all posts, embedding from format does not work. I attempted various related scripts yet none worked.

    Writing from the <img class=”alignleft” title=”” src=”http… .png” alt=”” height=”xxx” width=”xxx”> … does not work with the format embed.

    How does one script YouTube in such that the blog will recognize resized width and/or height?


    The blog I need help with is



    Hello burstupdates, You will need to look over those instructions again because the only way to embed YouTube videos is via the Link option there is also instructions on how to resize the video within the support doc → Videos ยป YouTube/Additional Options

    Also Please familiarize your self with the following support docs → Allowed Codes/Shortcodes



    “the only way to embed YouTube videos is via the Link option”

    That is not correct. If I were to change the theme of the blog such that there was only one column, all size options (often 3 are provided) from YouTube can be scripted. In fact one can do so with the current theme although the post in the first column will force the other two below it (only additional posts will fill the other two columns).

    Another choice is to script from a site that is using an embed the size of which works for you. Since we are using Linux we do not have the options of making changes on Dreamweaver… Maybe it would be worthwhile to do so on another site and simply link.

    We have also considered changing themes in order to resolve the situation.

    Currently we are posting a jpg and linking it to YouTube as a way around the problem.

    The point is scripting for the embeds works, the sizing does not.



    Oops this statement “the only way to embed YouTube videos is via the Link option” was in regards to embedding Videos here @

    I also recommend contacting staff directly for further options



    “was in regards to embedding Videos here @”

    I was referring to WP. Try it.

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