Youtube Embed Broken?

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    i realise that most of my youtube embeds are not working now and simply shows a blank white space, for example

    it was working previously and the videos has not disabled outside linking so i’m not sure what’s the problem.



    Specifically what method have you been using to put these videos in your posts?


    I am having a problem posting videos. Normally I try to copy the embed code from Youtube and paste it right in my post. Once I save it, there are 2 links but no video. Maybe I’m doing something wrong. I’ve also tried posting the URL directly and it just puts the link on my post. With both attempts you can link to the video from my site but I wanted the video to actually appear. I have never been able to have the video appear on my site. Thanks for your reply. I will leave one posted for you to look at.



    palegrayforguilt, can you provide a specific link or example please?

    YouTube changed the format of their embed code recently. has a special filter so that if you paste that embed code into an article, it’ll get automatically converted to a [youtube] shortcode rather than stripped out (as embed codes normally are). YouTube’s change broke that feature. Previously published posts weren’t affected, but if you tried pasting an embed into a new post in the last week it would often fail.

    As far as we’re aware it’s fixed now, but if it isn’t working for some videos we’ll need to see examples in order to fix those.

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