Youtube Embed Code Adds extra blank box.

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    Hi guys.
    Every video I’ve embedded, shows an extra black, blank box/player, under the video.

    I see this everywhere.

    How do I get rid of the useless extra box thingo? :D


    The blog I need help with is



    Use the shortcode, not the embed code.



    I always use the shortcode. :-)



    I can’t see any “extra box” anywhere. Can you take a screenshot and upload it to the media library? Then put the link here.


    A lot of people have this problem.

    It’s usless, and doubles the load and size. :(



    Let’s cut to the chase please. What is the youtube URL?



    Once you post it I’ll set my test blog up in the same theme and embed the video into a post to see if I get the same result you get.



    I put Piano Black up on my test blog and posted videos like this one into it:

    I did not get the double display that you refer to above. I did not get a second empty box below the videos.


    Cut to the chase?
    No need to be nasty.

    Well I DO get the boxes, as in the screenshot.
    So do a majority of people.

    If someone who has encountered this before, reads this, please reply.

    TF, Your bedside manner is shocking. :-/
    Politeness dosen’t hurt.


    It’s ALL videos, and not just WP.
    They appear twice in youtube etc, also.

    The only browser that dosen’t show it, is Opera Mini.



    I wasn’t being nasty. In Canada, where I live the phrase “cut to the chase” simply means “come to the point” ie. in this case I was asking for the youtube URLs.

    Also we sure aren’t in bed here and I am not a nurse.

    The only browser that dosen’t show it, is Opera Mini.

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    Interesting, this is the first time I’ve heard of it. Here’s what I see on Chrome 32.0.1700.107:

    They appear twice in youtube etc, also.

    If the videos are appearing twice for you on sites outside of, then the problem is not something that we can fix. More than likely, your browser is what’s duplicating the video.


    I read the same problem on WP org.
    Nobody had an answer, but plenty of people had the same problem. lol



    Right, we can only control what’s happening at If people are also reporting it at and you’re also seeing it on YouTube’s site, it’s not a problem with us, and therefore not a problem we can fix.

    I’d suspect that it’s your browser (since you’re seeing the problem at multiple sites), but you’ll need to check with your browser’s support community on that, or just try a different browser.


    Thanks for the reply! ^_^
    I will live with it, as it’s every browser (five) except Opera Mini. :-)



    Which browsers (and version numbers) are you seeing it in?

    Also, which websites do you see the problem at?



    I have tried your site with Chrome, Firefox ,and IE and its fine with all of them.


    Opera Classic, I think Chrome.
    Just checked with Dolphin browser, that seems ok! :)



    It definitely sounds like an Opera Classic problem.

    Can you give us a complete list of all the sites you see this issue at?


    Everywhere a video is displayed.
    Even inside the Youtube site. :)

    @ timethief, Sorry about the misunderstanding, it has a different meaning in AU. :D

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