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YouTube embedded videos

  1. YouTube have implemented a change to the embedding player which displays a nice little display of 'related' videos at the bottom of the video window, permitting the user to go on to see videos, from other youtube sources, playing in the window on our blogs. Sometimes this is good, sometimes it's not. YouTube have provided an additional parameter to turn the feature off, needing a modification to the code.

    My question/request here is for help/guidance on how to code the parameter. Any takers, please?

  2. I sincerely doubt that will work here, as we have our own custom code. I agree it's a beautiful little feature they've added, but the loading time is incredible!

  3. Actually it's probably just a filter that just drops in that URL into a javascript. At least all the video filters I've done have been. :)

    Best bet would be to send this in via feedback, point them with an actual URL to where they describe this on their website, and explain why you feel that this is important.

  4. You can see an example of the function here:

    Scroll your cursor over the bottom of the YouTube and you'll see it.

  5. And of course I'm listening to a Google video currently and can't try this.

    edit: Gotta admit that I'm against this. I had a "mature" video load on rain's example.

    reedit: Hmm, works with my filters as well. Kind of cool as I didn't update the viewer on my site.

  6. Thanks, guys -- I've raised it with support/feedback as you suggest. And, drmike, you're right -- without effective 'adult content' filtering, this makes youtube unusable for family-friendly blogs.

  7. Really???? Wow, that's quite a problem. I imagine they'll have to stop randomizing if people aren't going to tag their videos correctly. I mean, I'm assuming they're screening out certain tags, but who knows? The liability issues are enormous.

  8. Big large 900+ pound naked woman on rain's example. Don't need coffee anymore this morning. :(

    Mark or anyother staff members: care to foward a note to youtube with our concerns? Gotta admit that since they got bought out by google, I doubt they'll listen to end users.

  9. Note there's a mention on their blog as to how to turn off this feature:

    If for any reason you don't want this option turned on, you can modify the video URL by attaching a rel=0 parameter to the video. i.e.

  10. I cannot get the "rel=0" parameter to work in my blog, I think because it automatically changes the "&rel=0" to "&rel=0". Anyone found a fix for this yet?

  11. Staff's got to do it on their end.

  12. Brilliant. I noticed that it's retroactive as well, so all of our videos will have to be changed, even ones we posted ages ago.

    It would certainly be best if automatically strips out that option. It's slick looking, but I don't want that crap happening on my blog.

  13. Nah, you can do it with the filter. I've already done it on the 13 mu installs we run and my own one. Took about 5 minutes and most of that was looking up which servers they were on.

    It's up to staff if they want to make this change. If they don't weigh in shortly, I'll send them a feedback and point them to this thread with an explaination of what is occuring.

  14. meh im not happy. Went to check the vids i have on YouTube, why oh why does anime=porn. Of the vids it was showing 5 ofthem were porn. I'm sooooo not happy

  15. Have you dropped youtube a comment? I know I have and that's why I'm suggesting other folks do as well.

    Can someone post the link to their feedback system? Locked down terminal today.

  16. they have a weird feedback system. Login to your account, and then hit my account, scroll down to the bottom of the page and you'll see a small link called 'got feedback'. It's a javascript window thing that pops up for you to fill in.

    And yes, i did do it already :) my complaint was so hot it probably burnt all the way from my machine to their inbox hehe

    Edit: In the mean time please join me and drop support here a line to ask them to add DivShare to the list of approved vid displayers. Not to mention thier MP3 widget. I've been using them for a while now on my self hosted blog and found them to be better than YouTube, especially now lol

  17. I sent my five penn'orth to [email redacted]


  18. I found the feedback form/ rating system by teh way.

  19. Cross reference - more news on adult content filtering from Mark here

  20. This is turning into a disaster for our family and church blogs. I will have to remove half of my posts which will leave my blog useless. My daughter was embarresed today when she began looking at her "new" videos from her blog. It's not wordpresses fault. I hope there is a solution. Is a solution coming soon?

  21. It's already done. Read the thread Timethief just linked to. At least WordPress acts quickly, if YouTube doesn't. What a PR disaster for them, and rightly so.

  22. lol i was reading the blog entry for it, not one person who commented liked the new feature.


    You might want to check out DivShare, they dont allow adult content period, its against the ToS. But yeah i can understand the embarressment, on woman posted a vid of her new born babies feet. Some how according to YouTube's understanding it became foot sucking >.< and not in a way you'd want your mama catching you lol

    I wouldnt be suprised if they lost a lot of people over this, since they dont seem to be in a hurry to fix it.

  23. This will probably be a major media least, it will if I have anything to do with it, and I just might. It's just the kind of mistake the print media and tv love to catch web people in, so they'll jump on it...provided someone explains it to them.

  24. I'm truly peeved.

    It's all YouTube's fault that I saw 900 lb naked women on your blog and have suffered from post traumatic shock syndrome ever since. I wasn't able to eat lunch and may not even be able to eat my dinner. I'll sue - I tell ya, I'll sue!

    If anyone can blog this one and give the YouTube folks the bashing they need it's you - go for it!

  25. lol tell them about how a pagan blog ended up with part of a snuff movie on it cause of you tube. Think i'd of prefered TT's 900lb woman over what i saw >.<

  26. It still enabled on the blog. I don't think wordpress has disabled it yet. I hope it's soon. They will probably have to reboot thier servers.

  27. tiamatsdisciple, that was nothing more than a practicing old-skool druid.

    simplechurchtv, have you cleared your internet cache? Because otherwise you're only watching the old version, not the latest. YouTubes are cached until you clear them out or on some systems do a shutdown. Clear them on all of your computers and tell your daughter to do the same if she has one at school.

  28. No trust me, this was noth like old school druidism, this was just sick

  29. I'm really curious: why did you click on them? I mean, I could probably handle the fatty porn and the other stuff better than most, but it would never occur to me to click on a video I couldn't quite make out if it had no other context at all.

  30. Update: if you get the URL on Youtube and post it in your blog, the version you see is, I think, the version from YouTube ie with the new feature. Your readers won't see the new feature, that's if's interference thing works. Speculation at this point: I haven't tested it, just noticed that the video I just posted had the new feature.

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