youtube embedded videos went wrong

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    I’m using theme Garland, recently I haven’t hung around my blog much. When I went back, all the embedded videos suddenly became bigger and didn’t fit to the main column anymore:
    Is this because of wordpress or youtube?
    I don’t want and don’t have time to change the theme, is there any fast way to make them small again?
    Oh, I’m using 1024*768 resolution

    The blog I need help with is


    I’m not sure exactly who is responsible, but others have had this issue show up as well, so it is not theme specific.

    I suggest contacting staff directly at .



    This is due to some recent changes from YouTube. From our testing it only affects themes with flexible width (where the content width is defined as a fixed number).

    We’ll take a look at the flexible themes and get them fixed up soon so that the videos fit the column correctly.



    @lance-Not in any way connected to the video Post Format ?



    This issue is fixed now.



    @justjennifer Not that I know of. It’s a change in default size for video embeds. It only affected a few themes that didn’t have a set width.


    Wow, that’s really fast, thanks very much ^^



    I added a video yesterday on this blog for the first time, and it is HUGE…it was never like that on previous blogs…i hate it, so apart from deleting the video is there a way for me to change the size please???



    Oops sorry i just realised there is another thread that answers this…i just clicked on the first relevant thread and didn’t realise there would be another.


    hi Just found this thread….I see that we are told it was fix but my videos are still huge and break the template. Is the a rolling fix?

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