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YouTube embedded videos

  1. human curiosity. Also after reading anout it here i got a little concerned about my self hosted blog. My host, while providing me with free hosting, unlimited space and bandwidth has VERy strict rules. One of them is no mature content. Break it and your account is deleted along with the blog, and he won't host you again.

  2. Thanks for the helpful solutions. Unfortunatly clearing the cache and cookies was not a viable solution. Our wordpress friends must still be working on it. It is a unfortunate set of circumstances. Youtube may pay the bigger price though. I liked the idea originaly. It doesn't really work in focused blogging situations. There are just to many variables.

  3. I have no official word from the WordPress support team yet, but they must be working on it as the YouTube videos on two different blogs no longer have this "new feature" and they did about 1/2 hour ago. This is without clearing cache or adding the "&rel=0" either. I did do a page reload though. Thanks in advance guys.

  4. The new feature is still there for all the YouTube videos on my blog. Worse, some of these new "related" videos are quite disturbing to me, as well as to some of my regular readers who have been emailing me about them with complaints. I notified support about it hours and hours ago.

  5. Good news!! It looks like our great friends at wordpress have and are disabling the feature. Thanks WordPress.

  6. Good news indeed. :) I'm so glad to hear that this form of "spamming" unsuspecting readers with unwanted and unsolicited material is being disabled. My thanks to Staff for being responsive and decisive.

  7. Good, excellent. It's incredibly short-sighted of YouTube to make this the default.

    Think about this: how long until the first violent religious leader finds porn on his blog? How do you think he'll take it? Calmly would not be your #1 choice here.

  8. Being a shit disturber I also emailed some media outlets like, say, Valleywag. They might like this one, it's just SO egregiously stupid.

  9. The idea is actually sound, and very good, and i wouldnt call it spam. However their implementation of it has lefy a lot to be desired. If your going to do stuff like this then it needs to be filtered out properly. Adult themed vids would only show on other adult vids, it also needs to be targeted, no putting a KKK vid on an ACLU vid (actually ive just been waiting for somit like that to happend hehe)

    If it was done right, it would of been awsome. Since it was done wrong it sucks big time

  10. @raincoaster:

    Good for you.

  11. Thanks. I agree it's a neat feature, but it should never have been made mandatory; they are well aware of the tag abuse and non-labeling that goes on, and this was easy to forsee. Should make a great story, particularly with the YouTube founders all over the press at the Webby awards yesterday.

    Although one of my stalkers on reddit has already downvoted the story to zero reddits. Lord, could these people pull their fingers out for a second and look at the larger picture?

  12. I just now checked the embedded videos on my blog and am delighted to find the feature disabled. Like other people here I'm looking at alternatives but meantime, thanks to the wordpress team for acting so fast and so effectively.

  13. Marked as resolved.

    Kind of weird how that one turned out. Looked good from the beginning until we saw it in action.

    Great idea but not well worked out.

  14. Exactly. I'm very glad oldgreypoet started this thread and others contributed what they saw.

    YouTube have now adapted the feature so it only plays the slideshow at the END or when you hit stop or bring up the menu. But it's still the default, meaning that Blogger blogs are your best source of fatty porn and snuff films right now. Disembedded said there's some major media coverage today, and my blog post is Dugg, Stumbled, and reddited (although it's not very popular). Hopefully YouTube will catch on that they should not make this the default; I would imagine the first press release from an irate radical cleric who opposes gun control should do it.

  15. Of course that'll mean they have to admit to making a mistake. ;)

  16. When faced with an irate, violent, gun-advocating cleric, would you not admit to pretty much anything?

    If this doesn't hit the media on Monday, we'll have to go trawling Andrew Sullivan's blog for skanky YouTube "related videos" and that should at least be good for a laugh, because he DOES get outraged easily.

  17. And they're still up on his blog!! Maybe partly because he's on his way to Provincetown for the summer right now (poor thing), and he has "interns" who are largely running his show.

  18. Poor baby. There's no better time to embarrass a touchy blogger than when he's gone on vacation, because he resents it all the more and his enemies ADORE piling on him when he's away working on his tan I mean his novel.

  19. Hahahahahaaa...

  20. well, ive heard no rumbling in the media about boobtubes latest fumble, guess we bloggers just arent important enough :)

  21. No, it's just the weekend. Give it three more days; takes them awhile to catch on. Valleywag might pick it up today; if they don't, they won't at all. But the mainstream media is gonna go loopy if they can point to the competition and say "look, porn!" It'll be a bigger story than Paris the jailbird!

    But nobody likes it on Digg or Reddit; it's down to zero on those.

  22. I'm an idiot.

    Andrew Sullivan?

  23. Posted to Truemors now, we shall see what happens there.

  24. lol missing post already :)

    go post again RC

  25. Huh, that's bizarre. It's not just voted down, it was removed. Now that, to me, pretty much kills the usefulness of Truemors. I mean, if they're censoring truthful, accurate posts that are properly sourced, how useful a site could it be? I'm done with them.

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  27. raincoaster, be sure to blog about it. :)

  28. Subscription required? Are you part of

  29. Sounds like classical music porn webcams. I'm not touching that with a ten-foot baton!

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