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    It’s already done. Read the thread Timethief just linked to. At least WordPress acts quickly, if YouTube doesn’t. What a PR disaster for them, and rightly so.


    lol i was reading the blog entry for it, not one person who commented liked the new feature.


    You might want to check out DivShare, they dont allow adult content period, its against the ToS. But yeah i can understand the embarressment, on woman posted a vid of her new born babies feet. Some how according to YouTube’s understanding it became foot sucking >.< and not in a way you’d want your mama catching you lol

    I wouldnt be suprised if they lost a lot of people over this, since they dont seem to be in a hurry to fix it.



    This will probably be a major media shitstorm…at least, it will if I have anything to do with it, and I just might. It’s just the kind of mistake the print media and tv love to catch web people in, so they’ll jump on it…provided someone explains it to them.



    I’m truly peeved.

    It’s all YouTube’s fault that I saw 900 lb naked women on your blog and have suffered from post traumatic shock syndrome ever since. I wasn’t able to eat lunch and may not even be able to eat my dinner. I’ll sue – I tell ya, I’ll sue!

    If anyone can blog this one and give the YouTube folks the bashing they need it’s you – go for it!


    lol tell them about how a pagan blog ended up with part of a snuff movie on it cause of you tube. Think i’d of prefered TT’s 900lb woman over what i saw >.<


    It still enabled on the blog. I don’t think wordpress has disabled it yet. I hope it’s soon. They will probably have to reboot thier servers.



    tiamatsdisciple, that was nothing more than a practicing old-skool druid.

    simplechurchtv, have you cleared your internet cache? Because otherwise you’re only watching the old version, not the latest. YouTubes are cached until you clear them out or on some systems do a shutdown. Clear them on all of your computers and tell your daughter to do the same if she has one at school.


    No trust me, this was noth like old school druidism, this was just sick



    I’m really curious: why did you click on them? I mean, I could probably handle the fatty porn and the other stuff better than most, but it would never occur to me to click on a video I couldn’t quite make out if it had no other context at all.



    Update: if you get the URL on Youtube and post it in your blog, the version you see is, I think, the version from YouTube ie with the new feature. Your readers won’t see the new feature, that’s if’s interference thing works. Speculation at this point: I haven’t tested it, just noticed that the video I just posted had the new feature.


    human curiosity. Also after reading anout it here i got a little concerned about my self hosted blog. My host, while providing me with free hosting, unlimited space and bandwidth has VERy strict rules. One of them is no mature content. Break it and your account is deleted along with the blog, and he won’t host you again.


    Thanks for the helpful solutions. Unfortunatly clearing the cache and cookies was not a viable solution. Our wordpress friends must still be working on it. It is a unfortunate set of circumstances. Youtube may pay the bigger price though. I liked the idea originaly. It doesn’t really work in focused blogging situations. There are just to many variables.



    I have no official word from the WordPress support team yet, but they must be working on it as the YouTube videos on two different blogs no longer have this “new feature” and they did about 1/2 hour ago. This is without clearing cache or adding the “&rel=0” either. I did do a page reload though. Thanks in advance guys.



    The new feature is still there for all the YouTube videos on my blog. Worse, some of these new “related” videos are quite disturbing to me, as well as to some of my regular readers who have been emailing me about them with complaints. I notified support about it hours and hours ago.


    Good news!! It looks like our great friends at wordpress have and are disabling the feature. Thanks WordPress.



    Good news indeed. :) I’m so glad to hear that this form of “spamming” unsuspecting readers with unwanted and unsolicited material is being disabled. My thanks to Staff for being responsive and decisive.



    Good, excellent. It’s incredibly short-sighted of YouTube to make this the default.

    Think about this: how long until the first violent religious leader finds porn on his blog? How do you think he’ll take it? Calmly would not be your #1 choice here.



    Being a shit disturber I also emailed some media outlets like, say, Valleywag. They might like this one, it’s just SO egregiously stupid.


    The idea is actually sound, and very good, and i wouldnt call it spam. However their implementation of it has lefy a lot to be desired. If your going to do stuff like this then it needs to be filtered out properly. Adult themed vids would only show on other adult vids, it also needs to be targeted, no putting a KKK vid on an ACLU vid (actually ive just been waiting for somit like that to happend hehe)

    If it was done right, it would of been awsome. Since it was done wrong it sucks big time




    Good for you.

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