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    YouTube used to embed, on my blog at least, with a nice big, square, natural size window onto the clip. A generous taster, encouraging the viewer to watch. I wish I could attach a screen shot: I actually have one.

    I now get a narrow slit. There are examples at my home page.

    How to fix? Is it possible?

    I have tried the different size options which YouTube appears to offer and it makes no difference. I get the same result in every case.

    The blog I need help with is


    Youtube made some changes and it has causes some issues, but the vids I’m seeing on your main page look fine. You might take a peek at this other thread.

    Videos here will always be sized by wordpress to the maximum width allowed by the particular theme. That is so that the videos don’t cause the blog structure to break. The videos I’m seeing on your main page appear to be at maximum width for your particular theme.



    Thanks again. That thread is about vids becoming bigger. Mine have got narrower.

    You say they look fine, but I can’t see the point of the change. Bigger is better. Why do YouTube in their wisdom decide that smaller is better?



    if re read the answer you were given, it’s to do with the width of your theme



    Which has not changed.


    The vids are as wide as they can be for the theme you are using. If they are any wider, they will break the theme (I can’t say it any more clear than that). Perhaps you were caught in the time period when all the vids got too large when you posted them.

    Switch to a theme with a wider post area.



    Thanks. Are we getting mixed up on wide/high? I have no complaint about the width whatsoever. It is the height that has changed, which makes the vid look narrow.

    My theme does not allow much width, you are right, but I can live with that.



    It’s the ratio that’s changed, so, yes, videos look narrower as a result. Can’t say I’m pleased with the resulting video quality either, at least on my blog.



    Another case of change for the sake of change. Which rarely leads to an improvement!


    Let youtube know about it. If enough people complain then perhaps they will do something about it.



    Somehow that doesn’t feel as intimate or interactive as talking here …







    You’re welcome David. :)



    For anyone who wants to know how to easily make their youtube videos the size they want them to be, all you have to do is add this code to the end of the youtube url you are using:


    In this case, w=605 and h=386 are the dimensions I use on the fracas blog. I like my videos to be the width of my content area because I hate the blank white space left when using a square video in the large content area available in the theme I use.

    Replace the ‘605’ with the width you want to use and the ‘386’ with the height you want to use and you will now have a youtube video custom sized to your blog… easy.


    One note I’ll add is that if you change the widths and heights, do it with the same percentage increase/decrease to both so that you keep the same proportions to the video otherwise it will be distorted.

    Example: Current width: 400 increased to 500 (1.25 times). Current height 250px X 1.25 = 313px.



    all my yt video link vanished
    what happen?


    Can you give us a link to posts where that has happened?



    @ thesacredpath – Good point. I forgot to mention that when I was adjusting my dimensions, rather than do (cue horror music) math… I’d just used my graphics program to create a box the same size as the original youtube, then resized it to the width I wanted and presto… automatic perfection without doing any math. lol.

    I thought giving folks the snippet of code would be helpful but forgot to mention about keeping the percentages right (or otherwise the video will look very, very weird), so thanks for adding that!



    Have to return to this discussion, because I’ve found the answer. At least in Firefox on a Mac. Doubt whether most people are aware of it!

    If you embed with the “Share” link, the get the larger window on your blog.

    If you embed using the “Embed” link, you get the narrower one.

    It works for me, anyway.

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