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YouTube embedding no longer working

  1. I've never had a problem embedding Youtube videos until today. The standard method is just giving me a link (which not a hyperlink, just the text). I've tried several times and keep getting the same thing.

    I simply paste the URL from the video (as its running) into the post. Normally when I preview I see a I see a link (NOT hyperlinked)

    Any suggestions?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Try using the add-media icon–> from url—> checkmark audio video or other file—> paste the YouTube url into appropriate line—> type in a title —> insert into post.

  3. Thanks, however that doesn't upload the video, just creates a link to it.

  4. Have you tried loading the long version of the url? not the short one.

    YouTube has been a little strange lately. Sometimes it just doesn't behave, but I cannot explain why.

  5. I'm just pasting whatever is in the Youtube URL (which is what worked before). I wonder if its Youtube? I wonder if anyone else here is having the same problem?

    the long one would be the one I copy from the address bar, correct?

    I'll try again tomorrow and see if its working.

  6. Also, try the shortcode:


  7. That worked! Thanks :-)

  8. You're welcome. I love the shortcode; it just never fails.

  9. sorry raincoaster, but it has sometimes failed for me. :-(
    I think YouTube changes sometimes and is sometimes unpredictable.
    Or maybe it's WordPrezz?

  10. I'm having the same problem. When I look at the preview of my post, it's working but when I actually post, the embedded video stops working - all I get is the link to click on. But then again another video in the same post will work. the only way I can see if it works is to actually post and then I have 10 postings of the same post. It makes me look rude. Verrry frustrating..

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