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YouTube embedding problems with Firefox

  1. Embedded YouTube videos sometimes don't show up on Firefox, whatever Mac I am using. Instead, I just get a white space with an exclamation mark. Refresh the screen, and the clip might appear correctly, but it might not. At best, it's hit and miss. My theme is White as Milk.

    I do not get this problem with Safari. ... For various reasons, I prefer to use Firefox.

    This has only started recently. I am using OSX 10.6.8 and Firefox 4.0.

    Is this a known issue? Any fix?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I tried out Firefox 4 for a couple of months and found it quite buggy. The solution turned out to be to go back to Firefox 3.6.12 - and when it asks for an update, I hit "ask me later". It won't offer again while the app is on. I've not had any problems since. I use the same Mac OS as you do, on a MacBook and an iMac.

  3. Thanks. I might try going back.

  4. Took your advice. Some quick checking suggests the problem is fixed. I will post here again if that tuns out not to be the case.


  5. The most recent stable version of Firefox is 7.0.1

  6. washcotexasteaparty

    okay, might be a dumb question but why is there an embedded you tube there to begin with? I don't remember seeing one in any of my other posts. I tried tweaking some of my settings and from a different computer saw the vid? has it always been there and i just don't see it from my computer while working on it?

  7. @washcotexasteaparty
    Will you please provide a link to the post where this video that you did not embed in your blog post appears in? I'm asking because I have been operating my browser without AdBlock for 3 weeks and taking screenshots of some advertising appearing on our free hosted blogs including videos, animated ads, etc.

    Will you also let us know whether or not you have activated "fun mode" as doing that may have resulted in your seeing a video. has been running advertising on our free hosted blogs since 2006. Many bloggers do not know this because despite the fact they ticked the box required to get a free blog, they did not read the ToS. Many also do not read features page, or advertising entry in the support documents after registering their username and blog(s). Also note that as the ads do not display to us when we are logged in, and as many use browsers with ad blockers when logged out, they may not realize they are there at all. The only way to get rid of all advertising on our free hosted blogs is to purchase an annually renewable No-Ads upgrade.

  8. Re your recommendation to go to Firefox 7.0.1 ... the problem arose once on some quick testing, but not most of the time. My sense is that 4.0 is the one to avoid.

    Strange that they have gone from 4.0 to 7.0 in a few months.

  9. @davidderrick
    Ah .. I see. Best wishes with this change. :)

  10. On further testing, I don't think this issue has been properly fixed in 7.0. I THINK it is non-existent in 3.6.12, and that's where I'm staying for now.

  11. washcotexasteaparty

    @timethief thank you and i will check the "fun mode" and also go back and read the "direction"! ha

    Still learning so the link to the site has friend took her lap top home but maybe you can get a shot of it on yours? i guess my name will lead you to the blog. I guess i need to talk to our group about purchasing the renewable...

    Thanks again!

  12. Continuing with my bit of this thread ... 3.6.12 has the embedding issue too. But it does seem to happen less often than with 4.0.

    7.0 does not amount to a fix.

    So I'm staying with 3.6.12 ... unless anyone can suggest another solution for this very annoying malfunction.

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