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YouTube image cut off

  1. With the White as Milk template, embedded YouTube videos are cut off on the right (until and unless you refresh the screen, which you have to do every time the picture changes). This may happen with some other templates, I'm not sure. Does anyone know of a fix?

  2. I do not know why this is happening on that theme,

    however look at my post and you will see a resized youtube emebedding:

    this is done by using this:
    youtube=http: / /www. youtube. com/watch?v=f2dYkZGFRyg&feature=related&w=275&h=200

    the resizing to the regular youtube code is by adding:
    &feature=related&w= 275&h=200 right next to the regular code.

    those last two numbers are the width and heigth, which you can customize.

    hope this helps.

  3. maybe you will want to report this as a bug to

    The "White as Milk" theme clearly cuts off the standard youtube in in my browser.
    The pixel width is too short for the Youtube image

  4. Youtube and Google videos will now automatically shrink to fit narrow themes. You don't have to change the width or height yourself.

  5. Oh god. Now all those people will stick with the Fjord theme and I'll have to get new glasses!

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