youtube link didn’t embed at all?

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    Hi! My latest post “The Philosopher’s Stone” doesn’t show the youtube link I put in. What did I do wrong? I used the same html I always do . . . or did I ? I’m confused.


    The video showed up fine in my test blog. The shortcode for a youtube video is:


    If you used that, then the only problem I can think of is maybe you pasted it in the visual instead of the html editor.



    I have the same problem, and I tried it in both visual and html-editor… it just doesn’t show anything. Does anybody know more?



    can we have a link to your blog / the post please?



    Just the text shows up. No embeddedness and no links.

    What do I need to do to embed this video?



    swaggers – you are not hosted here at wordpress.COM You need to ask your questions at http://wordpress.ORG/support


    @swaggers, the short code is for wordpress.COM bloggers only and will not work with a wordpress.ORG install.



    Hi, sorry for the long gap… my blog IS hosted at, so if anyone could see/explain what the problem is, that would be great. I didn’t post the entry because it was only the youtube link, so here’s a link to the blog itself:

    Thank you! And wishing you all a great 2009.


    @qussa: Wish you a great new year too. But how can we possibly tell what the problem is if you haven’t posted the entry? (You only see the shortcode in your editor, but the source code of your published post will give us the complete embedded code.)



    I didn’t post the entry because, like I said, the whole entry was the youtube video, and if it doesn’t show, there’s not much use in posting an ’empty’ blogpost – a title only. Could it be something related to the theme? It’s the photo-blog theme, maybe it can only support photos?


    @qussa: No, nothing to do with the theme (I tried it in my tests blog). Please do publish the post: like I said, in the source code of your page we’ll see what goes wrong. Or, paste the URL of the video here.



    Yes, paste the URL of the video here. Most of the time in cases when the URL is right, the video has embedding disabled or is a private video.


    I think I may have had a similar problem. I noticed that if I pasted the embed code from YouTube in the HTML editor, then switched back to Visual to publish, I would get a blank where the video should have been. When I pasted the code in the HTML and stayed there to publish, I didn’t have this issue. Perhaps that will help? I’m not overly familiar with YouTube, but it worked for me.



    Thanks for the replies! The URL of the video is here:, but I saw it embedded on another blog so I doubt it has anything to do with the video itself. I will try to post it tomorrow on my blog and give you the url of the blogpost.


    @katrinammclane: You don’t need to use the embed code anyway. You use the shortcode shown in my first post above.

    @qussa: The video works alright in my test blog. Are you sure you’re using the shortcode exactly as it should be (e.g. no space before or after the equals sign)?



    Qussa, the video is fine. The shortcode works with that video. Without a link to your blog I can only reiterate that you should read this:



    @ Panaghiotisadam, I just (once again) reposted the url exactly following the instructions on the support-page, but the video just doesn’t show up. The post looks like this: I tried in both the visual and the html-editor, but neither seems to work.

    @ Raincoaster, I don’t see how reading that page should help me, as I have a blog (on my own domain-name) with where the youtube-video-embedding works just fine, and I have a blog at where it doesn’t work.



    It is critical because we need to know where your blog is, and until your last post you repeatedly failed to provide a link so we could check it out ourselves.. I can’t begin to tell you the number of people who’ve said BOTH that they have a WordPress blog AND that they’re hosted here, and then after 20 posts or so drop a link revealing that they are in the wrong forum.

    Additionally, there are sometimes blog-specific issues that only a look at the blog can reveal.

    Thank you for providing that link.

    The reason the video does not work is, you are using the Monotone theme, and that theme is designed for static photography, not video. It will not work in that theme. See how easy that was, once we had a link?



    I had provided a link before, on the 7th of January, even suggesting it might be an issue of the theme since it is a photo-blog, which Panaghiotisadam then said was NOT the reason.



    Yes, I then said it was not the reason, and yesterday I also said the video works in my test blog, and I had also said that the source code of your post would show me what’s wrong.

    Sorry, I won’t bother anymore. Hope you recognize this:

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