YouTube not loading properly?

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    I just added a YouTube video to my most recent blog post but it seems to get hung up in loading the page. I tried loading another, random, video and got the same result. I can see the box where the video is supposed to be but it never finishes loading the page and clicking the box doesn’t start the video.

    Is this a system problem or some sort of operator error?




    This is an old problem, but damned if I can find the threads. In any case, it’s not a WordPress problem; the issue seems to be with the viewer’s computer. I have run into it DOZENS of times.

    I clear the cache and do a restart. This always, and I mean ALWAYS fixes it, which proves to me that it’s something to do with my damn creaky old PC. Only twice in history has YouTube gone down itself, and I know it’s not down now.

    ETA: I see rather that you’ve got the video, not the white box displaying. Ignore the above; hit the STOP button rather than the pause button, then navigate away from the page and back. Hit Play and let it load at its own pace for a wee bit. I’ve noticed sometimes it hangs up if I hit Pause too quickly. Once it’s loaded a wee visible bit you can pause it. That should work; if not, report back.


    Member’s fixed now but I’m not sure what the problem was. I first tried to clear my cache and restart the computer but that didn’t change anything. Then, I accessed my account from another computer (still couldn’t see the movie). I deleted and re-entered the post and now it’s working fine.

    I’ll have to play with it more later and see if it was a temporary hiccup or if my compter has some sort of mental block with YouTube.

    Thanks for your help.



    used to bum to this youtube problem
    there is 2 fixes to this

    1. clear browser cache etc
    2. repost the whole thing

    im not sure why tho.



    In the past, it’s usually been an issue with an incorrect code place in the post.



    well i did paste the thing using html window
    but still it wont work
    but stick to the solution that ive provided



    I’m convinced it wasn’t a copy/paste issue but as long as it works now.

    Thank you everyone!


    I got the same issue and it turned to be a wrong piece of code. You have to check your embedding code and you’ll see there’s a ” code /code” right after your link, which prevents the movie from loading. Just delete that, and your movie should work fine.

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