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YouTube Not Posting

  1. Certainly no comfort to anyone, but all the shortcodes mentioned on this page are in lowercase letters.

    @disembedded definitely have to give Staff something to work with.

  2. @daviddrobins-You're right...this is just plain horrible. I will have 100s of YouTube codes to find and re-type as well. Very grim business.

  3. headphonecommute

    I can assure you, that although today all of the shortcodes are in lowercase letters, they were once all CAPITAL. The best way to implement any shortcode is to just copy and paste it - correct? There would be no advantage for me to suddenly decide to capitalize the words. So it's a bit unnerving that they 'magically' switched to lower case... Furthermore, a one line function to make the code case-insensitive would fix the problem.

    I think I am more unnerved than anything, at the fact that production change was rolled out worldwide, WHILE the entire support staff is on a week long retreat. Shouldn't there be a policy for a change freeze, if there are no available support staff?

  4. Hi headphonecommute,

    You're absolutely right. They gave no notice, and support staff is on a week long retreat. None of them are responding to this mess. I definitely wouldn't call them "happiness engineers." Would call them "[obscenity removed] engineers."

  5. I just noticed too that it isn't simply the lowercase, but it must be exact:
    [Youtube = http://www ...
    [youtube = http://www ...
    [youTube = http://www ...
    [ youTube = http://www ...
    ONLY ...
    [youtube=http://www ...

    That would be fine by me, if all the previous coding didn't work perfectly fine before. Hey, the good news is my blog still works. What's infuriating is that WP makes this change without telling anyone, and to no discernible advantage. I mean, there must be millions of blogs effected by this, but especially those dealing with movies, television and music videos. I'm nearly speechless. I'm almost reluctant to change, in the hopes that WP wises up and finds an easier solution or goes back to the way it was before. Clearly, this is a foul up.

  6. I run an international fan blog for Korean R&B artist Taeyang. His group Big Bang has just made their return after a two year absence yesterday. Their concert is this weekend. If I'm unable to post videos my site is sunk.

  7. @headphonescommute-Not to argue the point about when a change from upper to lower case shortcodes was made (and to the best of my memory it was always lowercase), but I'm looking at posts on my blog from 2007 with YouTube videos which are working just fine.

    Regardless, if all uppercase shortcode embeds worked previously, then hopefully a solution to the problem will be found.

  8. I agree...hoping a solution will be made.

  9. headphonecommute

    Yes. I think the solution can be applied quiet rapidly. And as I mentioned before, the origin of my greatest frustration stems from the fact that support is out on vacation while a new change was rolled out. I'm OK with occasional issues and bugs - those things happen. Anyone in this digital world of computers and software should understand that. But when a change is not tested and can potentially affect a large user base, the release schedule should be limited to emergency roll outs while your support staff is on vacation. I'd love to fume over this more, but I think I've made my point, and now I'll patiently wait for a solution...

  10. Still patiently waiting for some staff member to wander down here where we peasants live, and say or do something about this problem.

  11. Sorry for the delay.

    I'm not entirely sure what happened, but we'll look into it.

  12. Howdy folks! Sorry for any problems this has caused. We didn't announce anything because we weren't aware you would notice a change. Our documentation has always used lowercase, so we did not know anyone was using uppercase letters in the shortcodes. We recently updated all of our shortcodes to some faster code, which only works with lowercase. We're going to stick with lowercase so we don't make the code slower again.

    We're working on a tool we can use to fix your old posts to lowercase shortcode usage. Once it's ready, we'll run it on the blogs for people that have posted here. Anyone else will be able to contact Support to have their shortcodes fixed as well.

  13. headphonecommute

    Hey Nick,

    Thank you for finally getting back to us. I could have sworn it must have been uppercase at one point - there would be no need for met to change it otherwise, but never mind that now. It's totally cool if you want to stick with the lowercase - not a problem at all...

    For my particular problem, would the workaround fix be as simple as SQL query (or whatever the db for backbone is) to just globally replace any occurrence in the content of the post of "[AUDIO http://" with "[audio http://" without the double quotes? That sounds like something fairly straight forward that could be executed within a second.

  14. I ran an update on blogs for @disembedded, @bigbangkr, @nellybean1015, @headphonecommute, and @daviddrobbins. Let us know if there are still problems.

    Please use lowercase for all shortcodes from now on.

  15. I've been here nearly five years and I don't ever recall the shortcodes using capitals, any of them. The Audio and/or Digg codes I believe used spaces instead of = which can be awkward. It should be standardized, you'd think, across all shortcodes.

  16. I've always used lowercase for my shortcodes. It's still not showing up. All my videos are gone. My biggest problem is understanding why everyone is not being affected by this change. The WordPress blogs I visit such as Always Taeyang and iBigBang Fansite are not having this issue with posting videos. This is a disaster. I've reached the point that if this problem is not fixed quickly I'm going to have to delete my blog.

  17. @nellybean1015 I found an invalid shortcode in the post at

    Here is the code you have: [youtube= <a href=""></a>]

    Notice how you have HTML in there making the URL into a link. If that worked previously it was a bug, because it should have never worked. You need to use this:

  18. @nickmomrik Looks like mine are all fine now. Will for sure use lowercase from now on! Sleepless in Chicago....

    Thanks so much for your help, disembedded (Patrick Z.)

  19. @nickmomrik

    I have the same problem to my blog at , I don't see why WP changed this , it is quite always used and STILL gives the embed codes with the URL link by using their "embed" button to get the embed codes...

    WP should have been warn their users to use a simple link instead the embed codes.

    My videos are all in lowercase FYI...

  20. I noticed that since Thursday 2011/02/24 (I think) videos in my blog entries conceal half the line that contains the date and the tags.

    Check out the trailer for "Elektra Luxx" for example. I'm usually using the code [youtube=link]. I found out, that if I use just a link, without the youtube tag, it doesn't conceal half the line about the video (Check out the The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Trailer and “Alice: Madness Returns”).

    Can this be explained with the changes that were made here?

    It's not a huge problem or anything, but... it would still be cool if there was a solution. :)

  21. My embedded YouTube video breaks every time someone uses the Visual editor. The instructions say to put the youtube entry on its own line, which I do (in the HTML window), and then the video shows up -- BUT then as soon as a change is made using the Visual editor, the code is no longer on its own line anymore. This means my client cannot edit this page themselves any longer. Any ideas?

  22. Update: Seems to only happen inside tables and divs. Visual editor moves the </td> or </div> tag up onto the same line as the youtube line. Is there anything I can do to prevent this? Otherwise I lose my formatting. :(

  23. Did you try using the shortcode instead?

  24. Hi Jennifer, thanks for your reply. Yes, I tried the shortcode too, but the same thing happens. The documentation says the shortcode must be on a line by itself, but once you use the visual editor, the </td> or </div> tag gets moved up to the line containing the shortcode and it stops working.

    Luckily, after much playing around, I found a combination of tags to put inside the td (including a span tag, of all things) that seems, so far, to allow the YouTube item to remain on its own line. The real proof will be what happens once the client edits the content again. :)

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