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youtube not showing

  1. Hi.. I know this could be a repeated post but i've search the entire forum looking for an answer and all i have found i have already done and it is still not working...

    The problem i have is that the videos I've posted on my blog from youtube are not showing, all i get is a blank square where the video should be, i've tried cleaning the cache, restarting the browser, even restarting the computer but still not working, i know it may be a problem with my browser because i made a test with IE and it works fine, but can make it work on the others browsers..


    Browser not showing youtube.
    - Firefox v.3
    - Lolifox v.0.3.6
    - Windows Vista Home Premium

    i hope someone could help me.. and please forgive me for opening a new post about this..

  2. Hey there,

    I've looked at your blog and I don't have any problem seeing the Youtube videos. For example this post has two and I can play them with no problems.

    I am using FF 3.0.3.

    Have you recently started using any adblockin software such as Adblock plus or NoScript? Or any other add ons?

  3. Hi.. not at all, yesterday they were working just fine but when I turn on the computet this morning and enter my blog i found out that youtube is not working on my browser, i know it is a problem in my browsers because i've already test my blog on another computer and it is working.. i have no idea what to do..

    thanks for your answer :)

  4. Have you tried clearing your cache & cookies and restarting your browser?

  5. Just out of interest, what happens when you go to Can you view videos there?

  6. @vivianpaige: yes.. many times.. i also have restarted my pc a couple of times..

    @carocat: now that you mention it.. i haven't try until now, and this is what i get "Hello, you either have JavaScript turned off or an old version of Adobe's Flash Player. Get the latest Flash player." It's weird 'cuz my java is turn on and as i know i've the lastest version of the flash player, anyway i'll install it again to see if that solves the problem...

  7. ok.. now I know.. it is a browser compatibility issue.. it seems the browser i use is not working properly with flash player.. so.. it is working perfecto on IE and Firefox, but not on lolifox (the browser i use)

    thanks a lot for all your help :)

  8. For whatever reason, I'm having trouble with viewing YouTube videos on sites today, using FF 3.0.3 and I have both java turned on and my flash is the most recent version available. I can see them on the YouTube site, though.

  9. I'm having the same problem - more disconcerting is the fact that my WordPress memory indicates it is empty .... has anyone had success in clearing the issue?

  10. It must be some local problem for you guys, Youtube is working perfectly fine for me on FF3.0.3 / Vista on blogs & the site itself. I've not updated my flash/java in ages as well.

    What operating system are you using?

  11. the problem for me was already solve, by now i'm on a new computer using firefox 3.0.3 and youtube is working properly, as carocat said must be a local problem for you... have you tried what you told me to do?? cleaning the cache and so.. ??

  12. Oh, yes, I've tried the cookie dance. I'm still having trouble. (I'm using FF on XP Pro.)

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