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    I would like to embed a Youtube video into my WP.
    – The video is on the side bar menu.
    – The video screen appears on the side bar menu and is used as a link. When you click the red arrow, the video plays and it plays within the screen on the side bar menu only (theme with 2 columns).
    Do you know how to do it. Please help me. I read the link below, but it doesn’t help. Thanks.

    The blog I need help with is


    You can do this using youtube embed code, which takes a few steps.

    1. Go to the youtube page for the video you want.
    2. Click ‘Share’ to open up the share options.
    3. Under ‘Video Size,’ select ‘Custom Size.’
    4. Enter your custom width (probably 200px or so will work) in the width field.
    5. You’ll see the embed code (in the box above, starts with <iframe width) change according to your width.
    6. Copy this embed code, paste it into a Text widget for your sidebar. Save it and check your page!



    Thanks Lettergrade.
    I follow your instruction, but when I open Appearance > Wigets screen, I do not see the Wiget settings that looks like the one in the following site:
    All my sidebar wigets have Title (I can enter the title), Select Menu (I can select the Menu) and Delete, Close, Visibility and Save. That’s all.
    Hope you can help. Thank you very much.




    Thanks Raincoaster, but as I said, I did not see the Wiget settings as the one in the support site.
    Do you think your WP is different from mine, because you paid for Premium?.



    Hi Lettergrade and Raincoaster.
    At last, I found the Tex-Widget. Bingo, every thing is OK now.
    Thanks for your help and have a good weekend.


    Excellent, glad to hear it.



    Thanks for your help, Lettergrade.
    Have a good day.

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