YouTube playlist supported?

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    I just read the only forum post on this topic and it appears it was not resolved.

    My blog is and I’d like to embed this code and playlist to my blog, <object width=”530″ height=”370″><param name=”movie” value=”″></param><embed src=”″ type=”application/x-shockwave-flash” width=”530″ height=”370″></embed></object>

    but I get nothing. It works on blogger. My desired result is this: , where the killer little thumbnails pop up at the bottom of the video after the first has played. I can get individual videos to show just fine, the the playlist is stumping me.

    Any help is appreciated.




    No, not supported. Can’t do embeds in that format. The FAQ is your friend:


    raincoaster thanks.

    So just to make sure…no playlists. Just individual movies? And why the hell doesn’t wordpress get it up and running?




    No playlists. Just individual YouTubes. No idea; why would they? This is the first time the issue has been raised as far as I know.

    You have the vodpod widget option.



    I’m also facing the same problem on wordpress. On blogger is quite easy.


    As I said in reply to your post in the other thread:

    You can’t use any code provided by YouTube, especially the Playlist. The only thing you can post is a single video, and that’s using the instructions provided by WordPress (not the YouTube-provided embed code). If you wish to have the Playlist feature added, you may make a request through Support. Don’t expect it to be implemented anytime soon, though.

    If you host your own blog somewhere else, such as at, then obviously you can use whatever embed code sites provide. Here at, we cannot use any code that includes SCRIPT, OBJECT or EMBED due to potential security problems.

    In addition, it was “quite easy” on Blogger/BlogSpot because they allow those tags I mentioned. does not, so many things cannot be used. Also, Blogger allows advertisements and commercial usage, but doesn’t. You cannot compare the two services as they are independent entities with their own rules.

    The only way to get things 100% the way you want is to pay for the service — as in subscribe to web hosting. Obviously you’d need to have some technical skills because support for things like that is limited to general forums elsewhere on the internet.



    Does nobody read what I write, or does nobody believe me when I say it?


    Nah.. it’s not you. Some people just need to see it rephrased 2, 3, or more times.



    I have written books on this forum I tell ya — books that all have the same chapters … lol :D I have written them in baby speak and yet some still do not “get it”. Then someone else will “play it again Sam” and the lightbulb moment will illuminate the thread. ;)



    [edited out to avoid confusion – Trent]

    Works great!… well for me anyway:
    Please forgive if all the videos in the playlist don’t match the title. I was testing things out.

    I believe the <object><param>…</param></object> is a compatibility holdover so that it works in as many browsers as possible.



    You have hosting somewhere else pheadbaq and that is why embeds work for you. They are stripped out of all blogs and your method will not work here.


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