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YouTube Playlists Supported?

  1. I got YouTube working on my blog for individual files, but when I use the playlist link:
    <;, nothing shows in the area where the embed is located.

    Are the playlists supported using the [youtube="http://blahblah"] system?

  2. That's just a webpage. There's nothing there to import. Sort of like putting the entire front page of in one of your posts.

    There's is something labeled as an Embeddable Player but that includes onject tags which are not permitted per security concerns.

  3. Hmm...

    When I put it on my self-hosted site, I used:

    (Note: The [video] tags relate to the WPvideo plugin)

    and it embedded the player with a sidebar containing the selector for both files.

    It seems that the [video] tag and the [youtube ... tag should approximate the same result with a player on the page...

    Even Yahoo! [I can see DRmike sneering already] hosting can do that!

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