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Youtube problem - starting partway through a video

  1. I am trying to paste in a Youtube video but have the video start at 11m 21sec into the video. Youtube allows you to do that with a customized URL:

    But when I paste this into WordPress, it starts the video at the beginning, rather than 11m 21sec into the video. What can I do?
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  3. for reference:
    To make a Youtube video start from a specific point, you write the shortcode this way:
    [youtube=URL HERE&start=NUMBER HERE]

    (Number = how many seconds from beginning of video.)

  4. thank you! perfect, fixed it

  5. Hooray! That's great news.

  6. Hello, It is really working ... I mean parametr &start=seconds, but I have an other question ... Is there ... end parameter, in YouTube to isolate a certain part of make a video shorter ?

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  7. Not that I'm aware of - sorry.

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