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YouTube problems

  1. Yes they exist.
    It's limited to IE.

    We know about it.
    We are fixing it.

    Sending it lots of support requests will not fix it quicker :)

  2. Mark, thanks! Fingers crossed... :)

    Let us know if/when you want us to check or try anything. I have access to machines with IE6 & 7 and FF 1.5 and 2...

  3. Oh..cheers buddy~ much appreciated~ :)

  4. Thanks, Mark. Appreciate the update.

  5. And, Mark, you are correct, it's not life-threatening. Having come back from Iraq recently, I do know the difference. :)

  6. Thanks Mark.

  7. Thanks, it seems a recent update of such is effecting other websites too. Flickr seems to be having problems too with some IE7 users the past few days.

  8. My blog having that youtube problem too. Thank you for you support. Hope to fix it as soon as possible.


  9. Yeah, guity of sending in a feedback about this as well.

    Glad to know you guys are at it. :)

  10. hello, all the videos that tapeworm in my blog has an error, cannot be seen, before worked and now no, use always the same one I cosay of youtube, but now it does not work but, Help me!, i not speak english, in spanish, please!!! thanks

  11. Hola, tommyone1! Calma, ya han identificado el probleam y estan en ello... ahora toca esperar un poco, nada mas... :)

  12. Thank you. I am a first time blogger. I LOVE WORDPRESS!

  13. Oh thanks!! I love wordpress too raisingkane ;)

  14. This should be fixed now! If it is still not working, please send in feedback.

  15. Thanks

  16. Dear all,
    The youtube videos are back on my blog and hopefully everywhere.
    Thank you guys for fixing the problem, you probably spent some serious time on it.
    You're the best !
    Yours sincerely,

  17. Thank you for fixing the problem

  18. That was fast - thanks for your hardwork.

  19. michaelscomments

    Thanks guys!!! My site's theme video ("Apache") is back.

  20. You guys rock big time! Everything working fine now... :D

    I'm curious, though... could anyone tell us what happened?

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