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Youtube, resize and align

  1. Hey, I have been posting youtube vidoes at my blog for a few days now, and I cant understand why I'm not able to resize the videos?

    I would also like to align them to the left instead of center sinse everythin else is aligned that way.

    It doesnt look good and makes a confusing impresseion of the site when a huge video window is placed in the center.

    Is there a way to change the size of a youtube-video?
    Is there a way to align it to the left?

    If we could use the whole Embed-tag instead of just the link, there wouldnt be any problem right?

  2. If you use the whole embed tag, it won't work at all.

    As far as I know, you can't resize them here either.

    Also, I think they always center, no matter what. Don't know why that is, except that most columns are 500 pixels wide or less, and any text along side something that wide is VERY difficult to read.

  3. Well, I guess that if it's difficult to read or not depends on how wide the picture (or video) is. But its not so much that I want text beside it, I just want to have a straight left side.

    The reasons I want to resize it is (1) with lower resolution the video doesnt look that good. I've made some short videos with a mobile phone I they cant be that big. And (2) it doesnt look good.

    Imagine you could only chose one size for pictures, no matter what the resolution. No one would accept that, I dont see why we should settle with this.

  4. The size of the window is hard coded into the viewing software. We, as end users, can't change it.

    You are of course free to send in a feedback with this suggestion. I would suggest throwing in a link to this thread so that staff can see that we've discussed it.

    I know when I installed the viewer software over on my WPMU site, I messed with the sizes just to see (This subject comes up a couple times a month) and while I was able to get the size of the window to change, the Youtube viewer stayed the same size. All that changed was the whitespace around the viewer.

  5. I don't know what the problem is. In any normal web-page and on blogs I have that are not wordpress, it't very easy, you just change the size in hte embed-tag, and the video is smaller.

    <object width="425" height="350"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="wmode" value="transparent"></param><embed src="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" wmode="transparent" width="425" height="350"></embed></object>


    Since WordPress dont allow me to paste that whole sha-bang into the post but only allow the [youtube=bla,blah, blah]-tag i cant change the size of the movies.

    It makes no sense.

    I have my blog hosted at wordpress:, does that matter in this discussion?

  6. I don't understand why it makes no sense. WordPress has rather draconian rules against embed tags, it's true, and these rules are for safety reasons. I don't know why they chose to code the YouTubes this special way, but it seems like something easily enough lived with.

    If what you're doing is suggesting that a workaround be made, put it in a Feedback. Nobody here can make that change.

  7. YouTube videos can be aligned by placing them inside a table.

    <table border="0" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" width="425">

  8. an example can be seen here:

  9. brilliant solution, kleduc :)

  10. Can you resize them that way, too, or does it just squash the window so you see less of the video?

  11. sizing the table would just cut off part of the video, unfortunately.

  12. Actually, videos operate just like images, so placing a video that is too large for its respective table should simply resize the table... unfortunately.

  13. Nonsense. To post your YouTube video at a different size, simply turn off the rich text editor option on your user profile page, and paste the video embed code. Once it's pasted, change the height and width values (425, 350) in the code (don't forget to change BOTH SETS!) to fit your blog. Just remember to keep the proper ratio for the video...for example, if you want your video to be 375 px wide, the height would need to be 276. Tried it myself, works like a charm.

  14. Been here 28 minutes and you know we're wrong, huh?

    Not here it doesn't. The video embed code is stripped out due to security concerns.

    You're thinking regular wordpress, not the wordpress multiuser that is run here. Please review the stickies at the head of the forums for more information.

  15. Sorry, my mistake, I was under the impression that this was for regular WordPress users. I found this thread via internet search, didn't realize it was part of a different forum.

  16. Not a problem. Regular wordpress is ->

    Since regular wordpress is a single install, you don't put anyone else at risk. Here everybody shares the code.

  17. why embed-tag is not running on my wordpress?

    I use wordpress on site. when I paste the embed, it's ok. but, when i click 'save" it just erase.


  18. Also, read the thread you posted in. The answer is right above your question.

  19. As well as the sticky at the top of the forums and within the results of a search of 'embed.'

  20. i am glad i did a search for this instead of posting a new topic! it works! gracias!

  21. Hey .. I don't understand, how do I resize YouTube Vids again?

  22. Read the posts above your own please.

  23. anyone saw the new border that youtube places around embed videos now? there's no way to change this right?

  24. To resize videos i use the Post to WordPress-Firefox-Plugin from Vodpod. I just post it as a draft to my blog, where i can edit the post and change the width and height values of the embedded video in the source view (this also works for many non-Youtube-videos).

    You can see an example here, although it might not be noticeable on first sight, since i only adapted it to the width of my content column.

  25. Cool stuff, thanks!

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