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Youtube scheduled maintenance

  1. FYI: If you can't view the YouTube videos that you've posted, it may be because of the scheduled YouTube downtime that they have tonight. Wait a few hours and try again.

    I'm posting this in the hope of forstalling a lot of YouTube-related questions in the morning.

  2. We'll still get them. :)

  3. Check the timing: you didn't!

  4. Excuse me. I can't watch my Twisted Sister videos on Youtube. I NEED TO WATCH THESE!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It doesn't work. :(

  5. Why won't anyone answer me?

    Must be because it's Open Source or maybe it's Matt's birthday or something like that.

    (15 seconds between posts. That's pretty good.)

  6. I'm searching the forum for new, whiny YouTube-related threads added since YouTube totally went down yesterday and you know what? I'm not finding any. Isn't that strange?

  7. I wonder if I can change the datestamps on posts....

  8. There are changes on the URI used by youtube to show videos.
    Till now the videolinks (on some videos) was in the format: (xxxxxxx is the video ID)

    Now they change it to

    If you're trying to access the video using the old URI format (at these videos), then you're getting a "Scheduled Downtime" error message.

    Still, at their web site the links are provided in both formats, depending the video file.

    In fact, I believe there is a redirect engine problem.

    I believe they're going to fix it!

  9. Thanks for the info. So, does this mean we have to go back and edit every single YouTube in our blogs? Oh, that's going to be a PIA.

  10. I've got it figured out now.

    The old videos are fine; they play just fine, no changes required. The videos affected are those we've posted since the changes at YouTube, so perhaps the last three days.

    The problem is a back-end issue, ie technical. WordPress has a unique way of posting YouTube videos, and the new YouTube format doesn't work with that. Between WordPress and YouTube, they need to work this out somehow. Ordinarily I'd drop a feedback to staff, but of course it's the weekend and they are closed. I suggest that bright and early Monday morning everybody who has had this issue drop a feedback.

  11. Both those link formats have been around for months. We had a thread on it awhile back where someone has asked which method worked best. One you have to click on to get it loading and the other autopreloads the video. I forget which one is which. I did a test post too but it's been deleted long time ago.

  12. It's now been fixed; both the old skool and new links work fine.

  13. @ raincoaster
    So there I was watching the youtube you just posted. Watching only because I did something wacky to my brand new computer settings and have no sound. :(
    Tomorrow I'll have to reach out to someone with some technical skills and find out how to get sound back. (Yes, the power knob is turned on *sigh*.) Or maybe it's a youtube that has no sound ... nah?

  14. Well unfortunately, sound doesn't really improve it much. Good luck with the technical issues. I just whine to my friends until they fix it; easier for them than listening to me!

  15. Have you tried rebooting TT?

  16. Yup. :(

  17. Oh. I think I may know what it is, because I did this myself. You didn't by any chance shut off the speakers and start using the headphones, did you? Cuz I managed to configure my compy so that CDs will play through the speakers or headphones, but online files, for whatever reason, only play through the speakers. Try a CD.

  18. chelseasreviews

    Im not sure if something is still not working with YouTube or not, but my YouTube videos aren't playing correctly. My older videos are working, only the recent ones are having trouble. Any ideas? I'll try re-linking them as well.

  19. chelseasreviews

    Turns out that I just needed to re-link them. Everythings working now, thanks though

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