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Youtube stopped working

  1. Embedded youtube videos worked fine this morning. Now I get blank spaces (in Firefox) and "this content cannot be displayed in a frame" (in IE). Did I do something majorly stupid?

    These two pages have the videos:

    (hosted on

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Stopped displaying for me about 20 minutes ago as well. Others have same issue. It's not a WordPress issue as it's happening on another site I have that's not using WordPress. Here's another forum you might want to follow:!topic/youtube/vP-kqllg53o

  3. Thanks biggeekdad. Great, looks like Youtube/Google changed something and didn't tell anyone. Whoodathunkit.

  4. I tried embedding a new video and that didn't work either so something is definitely broken. I don't think it's that they changed the old embed least I'm hoping they wouldn't have done that.

  5. the video on that page actually works for me, although there is no thumbnail preview. If you click play, it plays, at least in FF.

  6. Raincoaster: I just get a huge white space where the thumbnail is supposed to be. I don't see anything to click on to start the video. (Firefox 18.0.2) It appears to not be a WordPress problem, as lots of other people are complaining about it in the link biggeekdad posted earlier in this thread. I'm going to wait for awhile for Youtube to fix it before tearing out more of my hair.

  7. I actually saw two videos play on other sites I have open right now besides mine but then when I reloaded the page the blank space was video. Definitely a problem with YouTube. Hope it doesn't take them all night to fix it.

  8. Thank you, I came here to find support for this as well. I guess all we can do is wait for them to fix it, I'm sure they're aware of it by now.

  9. hasslethishoff

    Having the same issue. I use the short codes by the way.

  10. same issue, I use short codes too...

  11. Could one of you guys call YouTube Support and let know there's a problem...LOL.

  12. Same issue here, and I use short codes.

    The Weather Underground site, which is youtube rich, isn't having any problems. Over there, all the videos are in place and working.

  13. I just posted a youtube over at Weather Underground and on another web page without problem. For those sites, I used the full embed codes.

  14. stoopidhousewives

    Have always used the "embed" YouTube code. Have never had a problem until about 9 pm on 2-6-13. Where the video should be is a huge blank space.

  15. hasslethishoff

    I hope Anonymous hasn't hacked WordPress ;D

  16. I'm seeing videos now.

  17. 1) what is the URL of the post where the YouTube is? We need a direct link.

    2) what browser and version are you using?

    3) what method of putting the YouTube in are you using? URL? Shortcode? Embed code?

    Try clearing your browser cache and cookies. A similar issue hit a few years ago and that cleared it up.

  18. hasslethishoff

    I am seeing videos too now. Hurarr!

  19. Youtube videos are working for me again.

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