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Youtube-style WordAds making my mobile site look a tad odd

  1. Recently WordAds has been rolling out various YouTube ads, like the one where Jennifer Aniston is drinking a bottle of water. I have no problem with the content of these ads, per se. However, they also appear on the mobile format, and they've been stretching beyond the typical borders. Here's a screenshot of what I mean:

    Notice that the ad stretches beyond the text borders by about 30%, but the text itself doesn't stretch to the same length. It's not good visually, and some readers have been complaining that it's a little hard to read my site when they pull it up on their cellphones.

    Any way to fix that? Perhaps stretching the content to match the ad, or shrinking the ad to fit the limits of the content?


    The blog I need help with is

  2. Thanks a lot for the screen-grab. This is super-helpful. We sent this to the advertiser to work on.

  3. They replied that they have it on their road-map to make the ad unit elastic so that it fits to the width of each theme.

  4. Thanks! I turned the mobile template on my site off for now, but when the elastic ads comes in, I'll be sure to turn it on.

    Thanks again!

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