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  1. hi,
    I am unable to understand that how i can change the url code. The example of putting the url code [youtube=] works well in my bog but the exact exact code of this url is[ ],which is entirely differnt from the url u provided .
    Now in my case if i have to put []
    then what type of url i should use. Pl guide.

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  2. How I understand it is that you place the url link that they give you, not the url link of the page, in between the code [youtube=URL LINK] Like on this link:

  3. All you worry about is the 11 characters at the end. Both URLs will actually work if you use them. One though won't autoload the Youtube player until you click in the blank empty space.

    Grab the 11 characters for the video:


    and just plug it into the code like below:


  4. Thanks Mike ,now my problem is solved.

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