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  1. Hi, I have been trying to copy and paste the links to some youtube videos on my blog on new categories, but the links are not appearing. Some of the videos are>

    I copy into the URL box and click on insert but then they don\t appear anywhere.

    Please help!!!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. We need a link to your blog, starting with http, in order to let you know. Also, those are TEACHERTUBE videos, not YouTube videos.

  3. Try using Vodpod to post the videos. Let us know if you're still stuck.

  4. yes, am stuck, how do I do that? I don\t know how to use vodpod... my blog is at>


  5. but I really want to embed the video in the post so that I can write under etc. some videos have worked, but now none do when I paste in the url and click insert in post nothing appears

  6. We need the link to the YouTube videos that are not working, then. Usually this is because they are set to private or embedding is disabled.

    Try the ordinary shortcode, [youtube=URL] and get the URL from the More box on the side of the video. That always works, except in the above circumstances.

  7. ok, have worked it out. they work as youtube but not teachertube, why on earth cant we embed teachertube videos?

  8. For security reasons, same as all other unapproved Flash applications.

  9. This worked for me.

    I played my YouTube video on I copied the EMBED CODE from YouTube and pasted it into my WordPress blog post in the HTML side. I updated the post and it worked! The day I created the YourTube video it would not work. Nor the day after. Third day was the charm. Don't ask me why.
    Ami :)

  10. @sarahelliot, Use the vodpod wordpress button to embed other video types:

  11. I am trying to to have a "Video of the Day" on my Side bar under the calendar so that I can use some videos from I tried the vodpod but did not help me much. Can anyone guide me through this? Thank you!

  12. We need a link to your blog, starting with http, in order to let you know.

  13. Just curious - what was wrong with vodpod?

    As far as I can tell, you should be able to place a Vodpod button on your sidebar (and this can show your youtube video if you collect it with vodpod). I've got the Vodpod widget on my sidebar and I'm very happy with it.

  14. Vodpod is the only way I know of to use a video in your sidebar. You need the vodpod WIDGET code, not the BUTTON code.

  15. Yeah, what I meant was get the Vodpot widget - it has a widget style called button that newsaura can use for the Video of the Day.

  16. cool! i figured it out finally! Cheers

  17. H-E-L-P!

    Just a while ago I decided to start featuring videos on two of my blogs here at WordPress. At first everything was just fine. I mean embedding was easy as pie. Seriously, the folks at WP should be given Kudos in the highest for just how accurate and easy the process was.

    Just this morning I was going through some of my posts and noticed that I was unable to see, play, operate or otherwise any of the previous videos placed on: ~AND~ here is a link to the most recent video.

    Any advices are greatfully appreciated. CHEERS!


  18. We cannot use the last link since that is from within your dashboard and we do not have access to your dashboard. Is the post published? If so, give us the link to the post on the blog.

  19. Hey there 'thesacredpath'

    Here is the exact link to the published post.

    At the time of embedding it ran for I think about two weeks; then stopped. Please have a look, thanking you in advance I remain,

    yours faithfully,


  20. I did a search at youtube and it appears that video is no longer there. You might open that post and then take the URL of the youtube video out of the youtube shortcode in the post and then paste it into your browser bar and see if you can find it. It may be that it was removed or something by the owner or youtube may have pulled it for some reason (violation of TOS).

  21. Hey there thesacredpath:

    I've been working on this situation for hours now....just about all day. I do appreciate your help more than my words can ever express.

    Personally, after trouble shooting code, re-writing, cutting/pasting, embed or URL, here is my summation:

    I have had no trouble whatsoever finding, or watching the video at YouTube. Just type in the search box "DFH" and it will pop right up. This is how I was able to compare code from original or too see if there were any changes.

    In addition, yesterday before coming to the forum I thought I'd step out and maybe a step up so I established a Vodpod account. If one were at my site, from the Digg 3 theme look at my (Number 1) right sidebar and at the bottom there is a widget that has the video in it.

    And finally, I recently upgraded to IE v 8; it's been a real eye opener insofar as last night I saw more items added to my other site, than I bargined for, for example: In my sidebar ALL of the items listed from "Recent Posts" to the bottom had round 'o' bullets in front. It looked cool and yet, they're gone today. Furthermore, the videos I've placed on the aforementioned site (The Thinker) are kaput as other words, no videos anywhere.

    Lastly I mentioned that I upgraded to IE v 8; Do you think--reasonably--that the problem could exist there or should I upgrade my Shockwave player as well? Well, strike that last one, I just upgraded them to v.11.

    As I said I sincerely appreciate your assistance. I have not violated anyone's TOS and nothing has been pulled from anyone. Oh yes!! Just one last issue: when I peruse the "View Source" option it is now in visual basic rather than in WordPress' code. Does this help? CHEERS MATE!


  22. The video works fine for me using Firefox. If it doesn't work for you, the problem is probably on your end, in your computer or security settings.

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