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YouTube video does not start at specified time when there's a ad

  1. Hi. On some posts, I inserted a YouTube video to start at a specific time, by using the appropriate shortcode.

    However, when inserts an ad in the form of a YouTube video at the bottom of a post, the shortcode no longer works as required and the video starts at 0 seconds, rather than at the time I specified.

    Again, this happens only when both the post and the ad contain a YouTube video.


    The blog I need help with is

  2. Good morning and happy day before Canada Day to you.
    I tagged this thread for Staff.

  3. Thanks timethief, and best wishes to you too :-)

  4. Maybe you ought to post some links to examples for Staff, despite the fact your description is so clear.

    P.S. We have company and are experiencing a heat wave (hooray!). We are preparing to have the best Canada Day potluck dinner and dance party ever.

  5. @staff: I'm on my way out, but if you require screenshots, I'll be happy to oblige.

    @timethief: Have fun! :-)

  6. @staff: I noticed that this is happening regardless of whether there is an ad at the bottom of the post or not, and be it a YouTube or a regular picture ad.

  7. Hi Sergio, would you mind linking to 2 or 3 posts where you see this happening on pages without ads so we can investigate? Thanks!

  8. @kathrynwp: I have just gone to Settings > Wordads and disabled ads to logged-in users. As of this moment, I'm logged in, the link above ( does not display any ads, and the video starts correctly at 5 seconds.

  9. I just tried with another browser (while logged out) and the link above does show a ad at the bottom, and the video starts at 0 seconds instead of 5.

    Two more posts where I put YouTube videos that are supposed to start at a specific time.

  10. Thanks a lot - this is very helpful. I'm bringing this to the WordAds team for troubleshooting and will keep you posted.

  11. It was the in-video ads highjacking the specifics of the Youtube embed. We're looking into it, but for now, I have disabled those ads on your blog.

  12. @macmanx and @kathrynwp: Thank you both.
    I re-enabled Wordads for every visitor now and so far, the videos seem to start when they are supposed to.

  13. You're welcome!

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