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    Hi dearest wordpress-team!
    How can I make a youtube video playing HD by default, which I posted on my blog?
    I tried different things. The most common nowadays seems to be adding &hd=1 or ?hd=1 to the standard-youtube-link. But that doesn´t work. It stills plays the video in 360 instead of 720.
    To make sure you don´t think into a wrong direction: yes, the video is available in HD on youtube. I´m talking about this video:
    I couldn´t find anything in the support-pages or via google. Just found descriptions for old-fashioned and no more working “hacks”.
    Please help!

    The blog I need help with is



    The resolution for YouTube embeds will be determined by the width they are in your theme. If the embed is smaller than the resolution required by HD, the YouTube player will fall back to the smaller window size. YouTube player is actually quite smart and makes most of the decisions in the background based on context in which videos appear.

    If you make any video full screen, you should see the HD options. Switching to a wider theme like Modularity Lite which has a 900 px wide layout would let you embed larger resolutions as well.

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