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Youtube video invalidates XHTML. Does it matter?

  1. I notice that when I check my blog's XHTML validation on the W3C Markup Validation Service, it comes up invalid.

    It is all due to the youtube video I included in a post. (If I remove the video, it checks out as valid.)

    I think the video is posted correctly, as per the instructions in the FAQ. Have others noticed this? Is it a problem? (I know with some of these "errors" the problem is really with the validation service.) Thanks.

  2. We'll take a look at that and post back.

  3. What you can do in the mean time is put in a more tag into your post and place the Youtube video after it. that way visitors to your blog have to click through into your post to see your blog. Your home page also would load quicker since it wouldn't be loading the youcode viewer right off.

    Just a suggestion,

  4. Ooh, I have a lot of dialup readers. They might like that, because they could just skip the YouTubes then.

  5. Thanks.

    (I did put the "more" tag in, so now it is only the post with the video, itself, which comes up invalid.)

  6. Which is better then having the front page marked as invalid. It's also easier on your dial up visitors. :)

  7. True dat... as they say. :)

  8. Nice. I was looking for a solution to that. I just never thought of this, or the fact that it would work. I'm xhtml valid again. Sweet.

    Thanks for the tip guys.

  9. [Information removed - drmike]

  10. Um no. That solution wouldn't apply here as we're not able to use plugins. You're thinking regular wordpress available from You may want to review the stickies for more information.

  11. My bad. I realized this after I made a mirror for my blog here on so I found out that the software used for this is different.

  12. Not a problem. Just trying to not confuse more folks around here. ;)

  13. Well I see two solutions here ...
    1 - implement the support for <object ...> in this multiuser WordPress software, like the standalone version supports (not gonna happen, huh?)
    2 - to properly fix this stuff ... As I can see from the source code of this page, there's a <embed ...> element over there that can be successfully replaced by <object ...>+<param ...> like in the information that I posted in the first phase :D. The HTML code generator of this thingy needs a fix. This is a team show, so I'm out.

  14. Best bet would be to submit your suggestions via feedback and get staff to take a look at them. They don't always notice things here in the forums.

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