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YouTube video invisible after publication

  1. Inserted a video into a post using the usual button - the command is visible in HTML mode but nothing is visible online after publishing. Have re-entered the URL several times with no success. It's the penultimate object in this post - showing as a line of white space

    The blog I need help with is

  2. The sourcecode of your page says "YouTube Error: bad URL entered" at that point.

    Please copy the video command from your HTML editor and paste it here between backticks so we can see what's wrong.

  3. Hi - Here's the video command:


  4. You'll have to specify both width and height. You only have the width one:

    Or drop the resize...

  5. Update: that URL is not a video. It's a YouTube channel. That's why.

  6. This should work for you (although I'm just guessing about the height, h might be smaller):


  7. If you have auto-embed enabled in your Media Settings, you should be able to just drop the URL from the address bar (not the embed URL) of the YouTube video you want to display in your blog into your Post or Page, making sure it is not highlighted as a link. If it is, use the "Unlink" button.

  8. Clarification, this only works for a single video, not playlists or a channel.

  9. @justjennifer: Right.

    @disembedded: That's the right URL. Original dimensions are 560x349, so w=490 needs h=305.

    @disembedded & universalgeni: But you don't need to add the height. The easy way to resize the video is specify the width only, as ontheliner originally did.

  10. Thanks everybody - instant service! Thanks especially to universalgeni for spotting my own blunder - the link I published was indeed to a YT channel, not a video. Now the right URL is in place, all works normally - and you need only specify the resize width for YT vids.

    As an additional point of interest, have you noticed how YouTube has introduced shortlinks to a specific video in the "Share" button beneath their screen. These however don't work in WordPress, only the original URL visible in the location bar, as justjennifer notes.

    Thanks, all.

  11. Okay, now I have a question here. If a YouTube video is in two or three parts, is there a WP coding for that, so that the parts will play consecutively? For example, this is the first segment of a two segment PBS program on YouTube:


  12. Unfortunately, no. :(

    We can't support anything that YouTube's player doesn't support, and sequential playing isn't something that they support. You'll have to go with old-school multiple embeds.

  13. Afcourse it can be made possible by intensive coding i,e, giving user the feel that only all videos are played one by one and letting the server feel that all urls are multiple embeds... But again this cannot be done in as too much specially server playing coding is not allowed...

    You may be able to do this in but again hard core programming would be required...

    @MACMANX: youtube has released short urls starting from which are not supported in this emded youtube code of wordpress... this only allows traditional youtube urls// would something be done for that??

  14. Hi macmanx,

    Okay, that's what I was afraid of.

    Thanks for your quick response.

  15. minerva09, they've had the short URLs for quite a while, but they seem to be pushing them a bit more now. We're looking into rolling that into the embed code. For now, the full URL can still be copied from your browser's address bar.

    disembedded, you're welcome!

  16. ah okies!! that would be cool.. thanx!!

  17. "sequential playing isn't something that they support".
    Sorry macmanx, that's wrong.

    If you have signed up with Youtube, you can create a playlist with the videos you want in sequence, copy the embed code for that playlist, isolate this part:
    <embed src="etc etc etc"></embed>
    turn it to this:
    [gigya src="etc etc etc" ]
    and paste it into the HTML post or page editor. Dimensions can be changed.

  18. @panaghiotisadam Thanks for this information. I'll have to study it and try to figure this out.

  19. Well WordPress dont support Youtube Playlist directly... Its like wordpress support gigya plugin which supports youtube playlist...

    If anybody wants to add a playlist I have given a detail support document with screenshots at

    Enjoy Blogging


  20. Hi minerva09,

    Great! Thanks so much for the tutorial on how to do this!

    Best wishes to you.

  21. Pleasure all mine :)

  22. Hi minerva09,

    Yippeee!! It works!

    Thanks again!

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