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Youtube video not showing up

  1. On my blogs, every time I post the link to a youtube video by using "add media" and post it, all that's shown is the link to the video. I want people to click on the video and play it within the post like it USED to do. Any advice?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Yes read this troubleshooting section and make sure the YouTube link is not hyperlinked.

  3. ::::Sigh:::: Thank you!!! That solved it. I feel better now :) lol!

  4. I use the shortcode and it has never ever failed me

  5. i am not having success with this. I have other videos on my blog that are working yet when i try to add new youtube links this morning (and I have tried several) they are not working. :-/ I have just upgraded to latest version of wordpress.

    They are not linked, there is no white space on the line... just the URL
    or the shortcode and they are not showing up.

  6. ok - dont ask but it suddenly started to work. Dont know what i did other than repasting the URL back in - but i do know that it was not hyperlinked. Very odd. I had tried both shortcode and straight posting the URL and neither were working. If I come up with what caused it i will let you know.

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