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Youtube video not working in post

  1. Hello! I searched the support and forum to find anyone who had this problem--but found no exact matches: everyone seems to be doing OK with this!

    However, our blog doesn't show the new Youtube video I wanted to display. I followed the instructions, but nothing is working. I tried looking at our site on both Firefox and IE. I want to have the video embedded, but nothing shows up. I placed a hyperlink on the page as a band-aid solution, but I'd like to see it looking like it does in your Youtube tutorial.

    Is this function broken (temporary problem) or am I doing something wrong?

    This is the post in question:

    Susan (one of the library bloggers)

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi There!

    Have you checked out the → YouTube Support Documentation page ?

  3. Yes. I checked out everything I could find on the subject. Not sure why I can't see the video embedded.

  4. @Richard
    Did you use the shortcode and enter it into the HTML editor or not?

  5. You're not actually using the link for the video.

    You're using the link for the video on a specific user's page:

    Try this instead:

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