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Youtube Video - Positioning and sizing help, please

  1. I am currently working on a possible new story that seek to incorporate a youtube video of Dr. Martin Luther King. I have the URL from youtube. My only qualm is the size of the video and the positioning of said video. Sorry, the post isn't in existence, yet.

    Here is what I am visualizing. On the left side of the video, I want to add the text of my story. Just as it can be done with images, how do I get the video to align to the right and allow text to flow down on the left side?

    I am also aware the video will initially be large. Thanks to the Support documentation, I already added &w=320&h=240 to the end of the youtube code. Not sure of what the right size should be or not. Or would it be better to leave the video at the top and place the story on the bottom? This is my first time doing anything with video in this fashion.

    The blog I need help with is


    <table style="margin-right:1.4em;" align="left"><tr><td>

    Keep in mind that the maximum image width for twenty ten is 640px so you should make the video narrow enough to allow for the text on the right. 320 sounds about right.

  3. I took a visit to some sites that contained videos. On the index page, there is just the text and a photo. It's when you choose the story that you'll see a video. The popular location seems to be towards the end or top.

    I'll keep experimenting.

    1tess, thanks for the code. I'll poke my head to see what other ideas comes up.

  4. OK, so I tried using the code below on my blog to position the video on the left, yet it still displays center aligned. I'm using the free theme called Modularity Lite. Any ideas?

    <table align="left"><tr><td>
  5. Try using the HTML code below, you can set it to float either to the right or left:

    <div style="float: left;">
  6. Halluke,

    The div tag you mentioned above is working perfectly. :) Thanks. I just need to create a bit of whitespace between the video and the text flowing on the right side of the video.

  7. Have you changed themes since posting? To add some padding and have the text appear beside it you'd need to make it look something like the code below. I haven't tested it and you'll need to add in the correct width in pixels for the video itself.

    <div style="float: left; padding-right:10px; width:VIDEO-WIDTH;">
  8. halluke,

    That worked, thank you.

  9. Last night, I finally posted my first article with a video in it. :) The story is called "hopes and Dreams. My site url is I believe the video and the padding is set correctly.

    Thanks for the help.

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