Youtube Video Upload Problems

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    I cannot seem to upload Youtube Videos Onto my blog!
    All I can do is browse for files, i go to Videos but i did not see any videos…
    so how do you upload a video…


    Posting Youtubes here is a little different, you do not download them. This FAQ will show you how. I’ve used this procedure quite often and it works.



    Ok, Thanks!
    I read it, but i paste the youtube link into the url box, i try to scroll down but i cannot see the insert into post button… why is that?



    oh well, i did the other way where you paste the emebedded code from the youtube video into the the faq says


    To embed a youtube:

    1. click on the add video icon in the “add media section
    2. paste the URL of the youtube video into the “URL” field under “From URL in the video upload window.
    3. click on the “insert into post” button at the bottom and the code will be inserted into your post.

    The same applies for dailymotion and google. For videos from other sources, try the vodpod solution which works with virtually everything else:

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