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    I attempted to add my first video to a post. I think I entered the code properly however this is what happened when I attempted to view the post.

    The post came up with a message to double click a large box to bring up the image. I double clicked.

    The box became blue and my browser indicated that some process was commencing. Periodically, I would check on how it was going.

    The post appeared blank but when I double clicked the blue box appeared again and the browser still showed that “loading?” was in process. After about a half hour of this, I closed the browser.

    Am I posting the video properly? Is WP having some kind of problem on its end which would explain this strange behavior.


    I noticed this “blue box” was right hand justified. Is it possible to manipulate the position of the video in the post. I know how to handle a picture. Is it the same for video?



    You are not posting the video correctly. Have you read the FAQ on the subject? You should be using code that looks like this:

    [ youtube= ]

    Do NOT use the embed code on the Youtube page, nor the URL of the page. Use the URL code in the URL box just above the Embed code on the YouTube page. That should work. Try again and let us know. It should be really easy.




    I posted your code it worked fine.

    I posted mine.

    [youtube= ]

    I can’t see the difference between the two. Thanks for your help.



    jafferyme – Edit the post. Click the Code tab, then remove everything until all you see in that Code view is what it in your post above.
    The Word tags are stopping it working.




    I never would have figured that out on my own. Thanks very much.

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