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YouTube Video Won't Load

  1. I just uploaded a .WMV Video on YouTube and tried the special formatting to embed the video onto my blog. However, the Flash movie won't load.

    The page here :

    Is it because the video isn't ready to be embedded or .WMV format is incompatible?


  2. Works for me. A lady playing piano. Kids under a tree with pink leaves.


  3. drmike > I was referring to another video that I embed on the date January 1 2006. Thanks anyway. :)

  4. /me whacks side of head.

    Oh, sorry. My mistake.

    The link that you have for the video does not work. I get a 500 Internal error when I cut out and paste the following from your post:

    It redirects me to:

    and thats gives me the 500 internal error.

    Matching up the code from Matt's example post with yours, I don't see anything else wrong though. It's placed correctly. It's just the video is not accessable.

    Looks like the problem is on youtube's end.

  5. Thanks alot! I think there might be a problem with the embedding...

    The original file is at

    With the "-" in between. But yours has no -...

  6. Ain't computers fun? :)


    When I click the link you give in your post here on the forums, (right about this one) that one kicks out with an error as well. ("The video is not currently available...")

    What's the username at youtube that this video is under. I want to try it myself over on my blog to see what's going on and I can't find it by searching for "fireworks".


  7. I am so sorry to trouble you so much... Haha.
    I am in the midst of trying to reupload another time and reembed.
    We will see by then...

    Thanks again!

  8. Alright, it's solved. This time,

    I guess it might have been the "-"...? Cannot think of another reason...

    Thanks again!

  9. This should be fixed now, good catch.

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