Youtube videos and image sizes

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    Sorry guys I’m a complete newbie to wordpress, but run a couple websites and know basic html. I found the page that gives the specific youtube coding, but it does not work for me. Here is what I use:


    I also cannot figure out how to increase my image size without them becoming extremely blurry. They all upload as the same size and I manually have increased them and they look terrible. I can’t find any posts going in depth to either of these problems. Thanks in advance for any help.



    I can’t figure out what your first question is. As for the second, it sounds like what’s happening is you’re posting thumbnails. Search the FAQ for image posting advice to solve that.



    Are you hosted here at I have a feeling that you’re not. If so, you need to be over at as you’re running different software and need a plugin to insert Youtube videos into your blog’s posts. The coding that you use is for the plugin we have here at

    Ditto on Rain’s solution but our uploader which is based on Alpha 2.1 code is different than the current 2.0 uploader.

    Hope this helps,

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