YouTube videos appearing in the wrong sequence.

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    The video I embedded in the post for Aug 16 is no longer showing up. The video that should be in the Aug 7 post is showing up in it’s place, the video from the Aug 5 post is showing up where THAT one should be and so on and so on.

    What on earth could be causing this?
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    Oops! Everything just shifted back in to place. But this has happened before and I believe it’s temporary. Maybe not. Fingers crossed.

    In the meantime: any ideas?


    Please check that some of your posts are not set as ‘Sticky’ posts. This could be the cause of your posts being in the wrong order.


    The posts are in the correct order. The videos are in the wrong posts.



    It seems like the right URLs are in the right posts.

    This could be a browser caching issue. The next time you notice the problem, please try clearing your browser’s cache:

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