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Youtube videos are displaying as black boxes on my blog posts.

  1. Youtube videos appear as black box in my blog posts. They also appear as black box in the WordPress help section under Support Topic "Media." I'm having this problem using my Windows 7 machine. In the past this problem did not exist. I do not have the problem using my Windows XP machine.

    I can click in the bottom right corner of the black box and the video will occupy the full screen, and I can then play it. But when I press the escape button the full screen reduces itself into the little black box on my blog post again.
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  2. Have you tried this in a different browser? Or making sure that your current browser is up to date? The videos show fine for me using Windows 7.

  3. Thanks for your comment. I have installed Google Chrome on my Windows 7 computer and the videos show fine for me. So the glitch must be in IE 9. I'm going to do further research to figure out how to make IE 9 more up to date.

  4. There seems to be a lot of trouble these days with IE9 and WordPress, not sure why. But Chrome is a far superior browser anyway.

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