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Youtube videos being overriden by one video

  1. Hi, I have been trying to embed youtube videos into a post, which isn't a problem except one of the videos is overriding all the other ones!
    I have about 6 videos with completely different youtube URLs in my post, but despite having different URLs every video shows up as the last video in the post when I go to the post preview. The URLs, however, are still all different. What in the world is causing this? Will it show up correctly if I actually publish it?

    I'm using Sundance theme, I have tried both shortcode and straight link copypaste (it does the same thing). Previewing in 'standard' and 'video' mode do the same thing as well. If I delete the final video link in the post (the one which is overriding the other videos), the previous 2nd to last link switches to overriding the rest instead.
    I have not actually tried 'publish' yet because I want it to work in 'preview' first.


    The blog I need help with is

  2. I have not actually tried 'publish' yet because I want it to work in 'preview' first.

    We Volunteers don't have backend acces to blogs and cannot see previews. We can only see published posts.

  3. Oh, I was wondering if anyone knew of this problem before and could tell me whether it was normal or not, sorry. I'll publish it and see if that fixes it.

  4. Publishing did not fix it =/

    This is so odd. I can guarantee the URLs are all correct in my writeup.

  5. Huh, after refreshing it the videos seem to be showing up correctly now. Man I'm so confused >_> Well I wonder if it looks fine to everyone else. Thanks.

  6. I see 5 videos in your little pony post and they are all displaying correctly for me. I'm using Firefox 12. :)

  7. Well thanks, I wonder what was up with that. I guess it must have been on my end, though it's odd since I clear my cache every couple days and I've been working on this post for like a week on and off and it was always doing that. Guess it was just a preview problem or something.

    Thanks again :)

  8. You're welcome. :)

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