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Youtube videos have disappeared from my blog.

  1. Today, after working normally since the start of the blog all the youtube videos I've posted over the last months are not showing. I haven't change any setting. I did try other browsers. So, I'm wondering what can be the reason of this?


    The blog I need help with is

  2. same here, I think it's a widespread issue :(

  3. Yeah, I was not smart enough to check everything before submitting that but looks like indeed a lot of people have the same problem. I hope they fix it though... Would be quite the work to put everything back:/

  4. same here!

  5. hasslethishoff

    Yeah a lot of people having the issue right now.

  6. 1) what is the URL of the post where the YouTube is? We need a direct link.

    2) what browser and version are you using?

    3) what method of putting the YouTube in are you using? URL? Shortcode? Embed code?

    Try clearing your browser cache and cookies. A similar issue hit a few years ago and that cleared it up.

  7. @raincoaster - Bingo!

    After I cleared my cache and cookies, the videos are back and functional.


  8. I think they were gone for about a half hour, even for jetpack/.org users, but things got fixed quickly… at least in my case: someone was most likely experimenting with something behind the scenes…

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