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YouTube videos in comments section: How to embed?

  1. hedonisticpleasureseeker

    Hi. I've tried "everything" and I can't figure out how to put youtube videos in comments. I've seen it done on other websites hosted (if that's the proper term) by wordpress, so I figure there MUST be away.

    My plan is to "Bunnify" trolls the way they do at Pandagon, where they eplace inappropriate comments with bunny videos.

  2. You can't. Can't even put pictures in comments on blogs hosted here at

    It's possible those blogs you're looking at are using WordPress software, but hosted independently. They have more leeway because they don't use a shared backbone and thus don't have shared vulnerabilities.

  3. Speaking of impropriety, I don't see a NSFW - Not Safe For Work notice on your post here and I note that you have linked your username to your "mature" rated blog. Please post a Not Safe For Work notice on the next post you make to the forum.

  4. I thought blogs in the Mature category didn't have links to the blog itself; I thought that was automatic? It should be.

  5. No it's not automatic. I recognize this OP and the one called "compartments" as two bloggers, who still link their usernames to their NSFW blogs, despite the fact that staff have confirmed that both are "mature" rated blogs.

  6. Well, given that staff don't notify you when you've been Matured, it's unrealistic to expect the bloggers to handle this. It should be automatic.

  7. Some care to report it as mature? I'm sitting in front of the librarian's desk tonight.

  8. @ drmike
    This blog was reported as mature months ago. I'll report it again now.
    Edit: Done - I also told staff about the username link to the NSFW blog.

  9. BTW: There's any difference in Madure blogs and those who aren't reported? I mean, you need to have a account before access to the blog, or get any advice?

  10. You can access the blog normally unless its' password-protected or otherwise private. They just don't get included in the regular tag pages, top blogs, or top posts. They're not part of the Next Blog functionality (the little arrow at the top of any WP blog when you're signed in). That kind of thing, just to prevent kids from stumbling across them.

    Actually, they MAY get included in tag pages, I'm not totally sure about that. But all blog posts that are tagged Porn are ineligible for Top Posts, that I know.

  11. hedonisticpleasureseeker

    Timethief: Pardonmoi I am confused. Is my blog rated mature and if so, why? There is no porn on my blog, nobody's naughtybits are showing anywhere; there is no explicit sex presented in either photographic or written form. Sometimes I write "about" sex and feminism and men and relationships, but I've never posted anything obscene. What gives?

  12. She's stating her opinion, that's all. Different people draw their line in different places. Shes states that shes' submitted her recommendation to staff, and they're the ones that make the call on that.

    In any case, back to your original question: you can do that on an independently hosted WordPress-powered blog, but not here at, because of our shared blogging platform and resultant security restrictions. You can't even post a picture in a comment. The best you can do is smilies.

  13. I had a read through a few random posts, i dont consider it a mature blog. It's not a kiddies blog true, but it's no worse than some others ive read that arent tagged as mature.

    And i think the fact that it was reported as potential mature blog a few months ago and hasnt been tagged as such, says that the staff dont think its mature either.

    To be honest i found some of the posts i read quite interesting, i'll have to head back there later and read some more :)

  14. Usernames are linked according to the user's forum (bbpress) profile. You could link your username to anything. Anybody want to suggest a profile URL moderation protocol? I have no ideas.

  15. I suggest that people whose blogs are marked Mature be informed by automated email of that fact, and that they be requested to de-link their names before posting in the forum, IF that cannot be automated. Can't the selected links be compared to an internal database of Mature rated blogs, and automatically disabled?

  16. hedonisticpleasureseeker

    Raincoaster: I agree; people need to be notified when their blogs are rated mature! I had no idea about the NSFW rule, and I suspect most people don't. I had no idea my blog could have been designated as such and if this had happened I would have liked to have been informed so that I could contact WordPress, find out what material they considered objectionable, and delete it so as to have the designation removed. I'm sure the majority of bloggers who use their blog as a personal diary would agree.

    If someone thinks my mastopexy scars, my bruises from surgery, my (huge) 1940-1970's collection of vintage pajamas/lingerie (sorry; shopping addiction), or feminist rants about objectification in the media (granted they are illustrative) qualify as porn I am baffled, but will remove them if necessary.

    Good god my own child reads my blog.

    Anyhoo, thanks for the information about the comments section! I am bummed out about not being able to post my bunny videos (Bunnifying is SO COOL!) but c'est la vie. Perhaps I'll link to YouTube instead.

  17. Rain, I suggested that months ago as a "flag" or icon along side the list of blogs on the front page.

    At least it's somewhere and we have a place to point folks to check.

    Also, once again, I would love to see a list of the user's blogs on the profile page. At least for the moderators. It's too much of a pain to keep asking "Can we have a link to your blog?" 30%+ of the time here over and over again and we've had feedback from folks that "Oh, I thought you had a list" too often.

  18. @hedonisticpleasureseeker
    If I have incorrectly identified your blog as containing mature content then I humbly apologize. But not to worry. Staff review each and every one of these reports before any changes are made.

    As for protocol - I agree with what raincoaster proposes and like the flagging icon idea too.

  19. Just adding something would be helpful. Doing nothing makes it worse.

  20. @drmike
    I'm sorry but I don't know what you mean by that.
    {scratching head and feeling stupid}

    I liked Collin's idea. He suggested that prior to posting to the forum the form requires blogger's complete fields providing pertinent information.

    (1) _____My blog does not contain Mature/Adult content NSFW so I have linked my username to it.
    (3) _____My blog does contain Mature/Adult content NSFW so I have not linked my username to it.

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