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YouTube videos in email notifications don't indicate they are videos

  1. My sister pointed this out to me in an email notification she got from my blog ( She had no indication at all to click anywhere to go see the video. She thought I was sending her a still photo.

    Is this a bug?



    The blog I need help with is

  2. Every email client is different. Some display videos and images and some do not display them. The notifications do contain a link to the blog posts, don't they? Or are you reporting that the was no link to the post in question in the email?

  3. Hi, Timethief.

    What I mean is there is no reason for the recipient to click on the YouTube video because it looks to them like I'm sending just a photo. There is no indicator to let the recipient know they should "click to see the video."

    Which email clients would show the embedded video? It doesn't show in Mac Mail or iOS Mail or via the web in Gmail.

    If a person thought to click on what looks to them like a still photo it would open in YouTube. But my recipients think they are just getting a photo.

    For example, Posterous includes an note "contains embedded media, click here to see it." But doesn't mention it or give any indication that there is a YouTube video present.

    Of course with each post I can include an extra line: "This is a video! Click to see it." But it would be nice if that happened automatically. I guess there is no way to make that happen, right?



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