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YouTube videos not posting? Worked yesterday...

  1. Anyone else have issues? Anyone have a work around? Thanks!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Please try using the youtube [shortcode]. It works every time for me.

  3. That's what I began with. It's what worked for me yesterday. Today, all I have is the shortcode posted on the blog.

    Will it be different if I actually publish the post? Right now I'm just looking at the preview.


  4. I can't say what will happen becuse I don't know. In my own blog I do see the actual videos in previews after I insert the [shortcode] and save draft . I'm using Firefox 11.

  5. Yeah, me too. And it didn't work. Just the shortlink posted, without actually linking to the video.

  6. Yuck! Aisde from the embedding by URL method I'm all out of ideas. Maybe another Volunteer will come up with a brainwave (fingers crossed).

  7. embedding the code didn't work either. I'm left with the shortcode again, on the post.

    Very weird.

    Hey thanks, though!

  8. doesn't work for me. I'm trying to embedd a non-youtube video. And wordpress will just link to the video. Here's the address:

    When I'm embedding the code in the html-window. It looks like a video-frame until i push the publish button - after that it's only a link!

  9. Did you try using getting the "embed" code from youtube? Paste that into your site.

  10. Yep. It left me with the video url from YT, with no link. A reader still would've had to copy and paste the url in their browser.

  11. So you clicked the button below the video that said "share" and a menu dropped down, and you clicked "embed". You should have ended up with some javascript that when you paste it into the html editor, will be converted into shortcode, and will embed the video on your blog. This is what I've used to get youtube videos onto my blog. I hope you can get the videos to show up. I'll try to check this thread for updates, but I have other things I have to do.

  12. Yes. And all I got was the unlinked url to the video.

  13. Okay, try pasting this into your post. I looked at the youtube video, and tried to test embed it onto my site, and it worked.


    If you want to see it for yourself go to this blog

  14. And I don't know what happened to it, but there is supposed to be a ] bracket at the end of the shortcode.

  15. That code is not going to work. Try this:
    <br /> [youtube=] and make sure the URL is not an active link.

  16. Ok, raincoaster,

    That worked. But the key was including the head and tail brackets, which I've never had to do before.

    And of course, the brackets show up in the published post. Kinda lame. It doesn't seem right. Something is still wrong with WordPress' interpretation of the code.


  17. The shortcode, ie the format I gave you, is the only one that ALWAYS works. I don't know why the others mess up from time to time, but this one always works, so that's what I've used. The brackets, however, should not be showing up. That's very odd indeed. Report that to staff with a direct link to that post, via your dashboard Help button.

  18. The shortcode is what I've always used before in my other posts with never a problem until this weekend. Never used the brackets before, either.

    Thank you and everyone else for your time on this!

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