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    My youtube videos are not showing in my posts. I double checked the links and it is correct. All that is showing in my post is a white square. Is there a bug in WordPress? I’ve never had this before and use videos quite a lot. Tried numerous different youtube videos and still the same problem Seems to be only a problem in WordPress.

    The blog I need help with is



    Same here, it just leaves a huge space in the post/pages I placed videos in.



    Are you following these directions and inserting the short code as stated?
    See here >
    See also >


    I’ve only been doing the usual insert URL- Insert into post. Has the method of incorporating a video into a post changed?


    Hi Time thief just had a quick look at one of the links, it is from 2009. I have been inserting videos in 2010 successfully, following the regular route. There must be a bug of some sort.

    All you generally do is click on the insert video tab – then Url – paste youtube Url – then insert into post.

    Have the instructions changed in the last ten days ? Because I had no problems prior to that.



    Please follow the instruction and use the short code and then post again to tell us if that worked for you or not. It works perfectly on my test blogs.
    See here >
    See also >


    Hi There isn’t the shortcode the regular method of inserting a video as exemplified in my above post. Your instructions are just the regular method I have been using for months. I will of course try again, but I can’t see anything different than the regular instructions of inserting a video into a post.

    I appreciate your help, but really cannot see any difference. Unless am missing something. Am off to try again. Perhaps if I select publish it may show the video, but it normally does when I preview.

    I will report back.


    Hi Timethief thanks for your help. Tried those instructions they are no different than what I have been doing. The above poster is also having the same problem. I insert videos a lot so know what to do. I think the above instructions are for someone who doesn’t know.

    There must be a WordPress bug, that is affecting certain bloggers – it can happen. Is there a tech team I can refer this to?


    All your videos show up fine – perhaps you’re having a temporary connection problem.

    Most of your videos won’t play, however, because they’ve got embedding disabled by request.


    I never thought to look at my old videos I was only concerned with the new one I was trying to embed. I have just looked at them and they are all white squares. How do I turn off the embedded disabled by request thanks.

    That may solve my problem, am feeling excited now.



    How do I turn off the embedded disabled by request thanks.

    If the copyright holder chooses to disable embedding then you delete the video.



    As Panos has pointed out above. Any video that has been disabled by request of the copyright holder will NOT display on your blog. You can dlete the video from your blog and then provide the link to the video to your readers and that’s it.


    The videos you have in “iPhone 4 – The Low Down” and “Blind Ambition” show up and play fine. If you’re seeing white squares instead, you’re having a connection or browser problem.


    Timethief – Oh I see.

    Panaghio… Would be this be true if I can still play the videos in youtube? It is only in WordPress am having the problem. Is there anything in WordPress, I may have pressed that has disabled viewing the videos? I can view videos anywhere else apart from WordPress.

    I understand there are a few others experiencing the same problem as me, so am not sure it willl have anything to do with my connection, otherwise I would be unable to view any video.

    The hunt is still on for a solution.

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